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Managing stress
          Stress is one of my main concerns in my current life. Stress can be problematic in our lives if we do not know how to manage it well. As for me, I would say that I am undergoing stress emanating from various aspects of my life. First of all, my family is in one way or another contributing to the pressures that I am experiencing. My family comprises of five family members that is, my father mother, me, and my two siblings. I am the eldest child and most people can tell you that this comes with a lot of responsibilities. Since I am the first born in our family, my parents believe that I should be a role model for my younger siblings. Specifically, my father expects that I should have a stable business one I am outside college. As such, he pushes me to work extremely hard when I am not in school. This stresses me since I have to find short-term employment opportunities so that I can save up enough money to start a business after graduating. I understand that is for my own good and it will also help my siblings to follow my example. However, it wears me out since I am also a college student on a full-time basis and need to focus on my academic work. I need to ensure that I have good grades and this does not come easy since I have to read a lot. Sometimes the assignments given by our lecturers become so involving to an extent that I find myself spending more time in the library.
Since my stress mainly comes from the need to perform well in school and ensuring that I do not disappoint my parents’ expectations an effective strategy is by ensuring that I balance these responsibilities. To balance effectively, I have planned on ensuring that I have enough rest. Having adequate sleep will enable me to perform my duties and concentrate on what I do without fatigue. Additionally, I have realized that I barely have time with my friends. Having a healthy social life has been proven as one of the successful strategies that individuals use to manage stress. As such I have decided to improve my social life as one of the techniques that will help me manage the stress I have.
I plan to be physically fit as it is one of the factors that determine my overall health. Fitness is mainly achieved through exercises or working out. Engaging in exercises plays a significant role in boosting our health (Draper and Helen 58). For instance, it helps in weight management and reduces the risk of developing a wide range of conditions including cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes, just to mention a few. Many people in the recent past have embraced training as a way to help them keep fit. However, as for me, I barely engage in exercise. Most of my friends go to the gym after classes while others jog in the morning and others engage in various games such as football and basketballs. They are all physically fit and they have tried to influence me but I have always been reluctant. I would say that the only way I exercise is when I do laundry or walking when I carry out mat day-to-day activities. I have never taken the initiative to, for instance, taking a long walk, doing aerobics, or any other workouts. As such, I believe that I am unfit. Recently, I visited the hospital after having a minor headache and the physician recommended that I should have a health checkup. After undergoing various tests, the doctor revealed to me that I had high levels of cholesterol and my blood pressure was at risk of being high. It was at this point that my attitude towards exercise changed and I decided that I will work towards being fit. I plan to achieve this by ensuring that I go to the gym four days a week. I believe exercise training will help me normalize cholesterol and blood pressure. I developed a schedule of the types of workouts that I will be undertaking in those days including jogging, weight lifting, and skipping. My plan for fitness also entails taking long walks when I am free.
          My health plan will be incomplete without the aspect of nutrition. The foods we eat are crucial and contribute a large part in determining our well-being. Eating not only the right types of foods but also a balanced diet is important for our health (Geissler and Hilary 35). I will not conceal that my dietary habits have not been one of the best. I love junk foods and I often feel incomplete if a week passes by without me taking any. Chips form the largest part of my meals. I barely take greens or fruits which are rich sources of various minerals and vitamins. I also take a lot of sausages candies fried chicken, biscuits, and soda. These types of foods are sweet, affordable, and also addictive. On the other hand, healthy foods such as green vegetables and fruits are expensive and also not so appealing. Others take long to prepare and as a student, tend to be overworked with my school work. I think that I have been overlooking the importance of a balanced and a nutritious diet and therefore, I have all the reasons to believe that my health is not heading in the right direction. Since I have high cholesterol levels and at risk of being hypertensive, I have decided that I will start observing my diet. This will help me to be nourished which will reflect on my well-being. My nutrition plan includes eliminating unhealthy foods which I have been taking. I know that I cannot be able to do that overnight but slowly. The main meal that I want to remove from my diet is chips. I will try to be eating chips only once a week.
In addition, my nutrition strategy entails making sure that each meal I take is balanced, that is, it has a protein, a carbohydrate, and a green. However, I will try to minimize my carbohydrate intake as much as I can. To enhance my nutrition, I will ensure that I take one fruit every day. Alongside my exercise plan, I know that good nutrition will boost my health.
Disease prevention
          Disease prevention is also another crucial element in my health plan. It entails being aware of the conditions that one is at risk of acquiring, and then preventing them or seeking treatment. For instance, if one has a family member who has a genetic disease, there is not much they can do but they may avoid risk factors that can make them develop those illnesses. As for me, my plan for disease prevention mainly entails living a healthy life. One way to achieve this is to make sure that I go for health checkups more frequently. We live in times when one can acquire disease and not even realize they have it until the symptoms begin to show. For instance, HIV Aids can be asymptomatic for up to 10 years. As such, I believe that taking frequent blood tests to check for disease presence will help me seek early treatment in case I have any illnesses. To a large extent, my plan for disease prevention also includes eating healthy and exercising. I have several family members from my paternal side who are overweight and others are obese. From what I know, obesity can be inherited across generations. To avoid this, I intend to stick to my diet and fitness plans. Scientifically, it has been proven that one can reduce the chances of being overweight or obesity by working out and observing the diet even when the condition is genetic. I will also be reducing the potential of developing conditions such as diabetes type 2 and CVDs which are closely associated with obesity.
Getting my life in order in preparation for dying
          Death is inevitable and planning for it is important. Even though no one knows when or how they will die, it is important to have medical insurance. There are multiple cases when people become suddenly ill and cannot pay for their healthcare bills which leads to their death. As for me, I am hoping that I will not become ill to a point where I will be administered in the hospital but I plan to acquire medical insurance soon. I believe that it will help me pay for the healthcare which I will need especially during old age. I intend to seek advice from my parents on which healthcare insurance company is the best and affordable and then enroll. Also, in my preparation before dying, I will ensure that I sign a DNR. Hopefully, when that time comes, I will be having a family and I will let one who I trust the most about a DNR. I strongly believe that dying naturally is the best way to leave this earth. I would not love to die prematurely, a trend which is common in many healthcare institutions. Physicians are getting used to putting people to death without the will of their patients. As for me, if it ever happens that I will die in the hospital no matter what pain I will be experiencing, I would not like to be euthanized and that is why I will sign a DNR. Above all, I will ensure that I have written down a healthcare proxy before I die. This document indicates the individual who has been chosen to make health-related decisions in case a person is not able to make the decision on their own. This could be due to mental impairment or when a person is terminally ill. Since I do not know whether I will be in such a situation I plan to identify one or several individuals who will be close to me before I die. I know situations change and maybe the person I trust the most now will be far tomorrow. Nevertheless, I am sure that I will have indicated the person I would prefer to make health decisions for me if I will not be unstable.

Stress ·         Balancing my responsibilities
·         Having adequate rest
·         Improving my social life
Nutrition ·         Eliminating unhealthy foods, especially chips
·         Eating a balanced diet
·         Ensuring that I take a fruit each day
Fitness ·         Going to the gym four days a week
·         Taking long walks when I am free
Disease Prevention ·         Going for health checkups more frequently
·         Eating healthy and exercising
Life In Order Before Dying ·         Acquire medical insurance
·         Sign DNR
·         Healthcare proxy

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