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My View of the Biotechnology Industry as the Creator of New Therapeutic Products
The biotechnology industry has led to the increased availability of new therapeutic products or rather biotherapeutic products. Typically, biotechnology involves the use of biological materials to come up with various products for diverse uses. Bacteria, fungi, insects, plants, and mammalians are the most commonly used organisms in the generation of current drugs (Almeida, Amaral & Lobão, 2011). On the other hand, some of the biotherapeutics include hormones vaccines, clotting factors, cytokines, enzymes, and monoclonal antibodies. In my view, the biotechnology industry as the creator of new therapeutic products is crucial as there is hope for treating illnesses which have been difficult to treat over the years.
The new biotherapeutics produced through biotechnology have proved to be effective in managing chronic and life-threatening illness as well as uncommon diseases. For instance, Human insulin is one of the modern biotechnology products that has played a significant role in managing diabetes (Almeida, Amaral & Lobão, 2011). There would be many people dying from the condition but insulin has helped to mitigate the number of deaths that could be attributed to diabetes. As such, I feel that biotechnology is vital for the current and future well-being of the entire population.
Additionally, I think that the new biotherapeutics have fewer side effects compared to other drugs produced through chemical means. This makes them safer for treating various illnesses. What is more, they can be generated in large amounts and can be used as the solution to a wide range of public health concerns (Almeida, Amaral & Lobão, 2011). For instance, I think that the current biotherapeutic products can be enhanced and utilized to curb diseases such as HIV/AIDs which have been a major health issue over the years.
Overall, I think that the modern products created through biotechnology which are used in therapy are important for improving the current and future health status of the general population. This is because they have successfully managed various deadly and long-lasting illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. Besides, biotherapeutics are important I healthcare as they are associated with fewer side-effects and can be produced in large amounts.
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