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Nursing and Domestic Violence
Nurses have an ethical obligation of intervening when they suspect that some of their patients could be experiencing domestic abuse. In the past, nurses did not consider domestic violence as part of their domain. Instead, they were primarily interested in giving out medications and catering to patients within the confines of the hospital. Since cases of domestic violence are on the rise, nurses are today forced to act in the interest of their patients (Gibbons, 2011). In the given case, evidence points to a case of domestic violence because the bruises on the patient’s torso are consistent with the effects of physical attacks. Also, the concussion that the patient had been previously being treated for indicates that she had received a heavy blow to the head. Furthermore, the grandson seems distressed, which is an indication that everything is not well at home. I would treat the case as an incident of domestic abuse and take appropriate measures to protect the grandmother and her grandson.
My first step would be to investigate the case further to determine the cause of the bruises. I would try to initiate a conversation with the son and the grandmother in a bid to get them to trust me. After making acquaintances, I would broach the subject of domestic abuse by asking general questions, such as enquiring how they are faring at home. Also, I would inquire whether the two feel safe at home. If I am unable to get any convincing response from the two, I would give the pair an emergency number that they can call in case they need immediate help. Also, I would offer them my unconditional emotional support. Finally, I would encourage the grandson to defend his grandmother by reporting any cases of domestic violence to the relevant authorities.
In conclusion, nurses should play a central role in averting domestic violence because they are well placed detect incidences of abuse. In the given case, it is clear that the grandmother is experiencing domestic abuse. Hence, as a charge nurse, I would take appropriate measures to uncover the truth behind her bruises and then get help for the two relatives.
Gibbons, L. (2011). Dealing with the effects of domestic violence. Emergency Nurse, 19(4), 12-16.