khalid alsubaie
Video Summary and Opinions
The federal nursing Home regulations assign everyone certain rights of medical and other privileges. There are certain rights that federal government assign their citizens and then there are rights which state government also give to their citizens. It is very important to know about these rights so that no one can violate them without you realizing.
These rights include, the right for proper medical care mean that right to get required medical attention on time. People also get the right to have privacy. Which means that they can ask for having their own privacy with their belongings. They also can have right to provide a privacy with phone and access to private phone at any time to anyone. A person who does not have his own phone at the nursing home, can ask to use the available phone in privacy. You are also allowed to contact with your relatives or anyone you like.
There is also a very important right that they cannot do certain medical procedure on you without your permission. You have right to stop it. You also have right to ask for your medical record and within 24 hours they are supposed to provide you with all kind of records that they have. It is also required that the staff deals you with respect and honor. They cannot abuse you or behave rudely.
I have found this video very important because it tells us information that I never previously had. I did not have much idea that there are nursing home regulations too. I think every citizen should watch these to improve the care system because knowing is better and it can help others deal with you better as well.