khalid alsubaie
This article, “Nursing Home Staffing and Its Relationship to Deficiencies” written by Charlene Harrington David Zimmerman Sarita L. Karon James Robinson Patricia Beutel, is about the relationship between different types of nursing homes staffing and what kind of nursing deficiencies they have. The hypothesis is that fewer staff hours might bring higher number of deficiencies. The research methodology is chosen for this research is survey based. The data is collected from on-line surveys, certification and reporting system from certified nursing homes from all over the United States. The variables to measure in this research are total deficiencies, quality of care and quality of life.
The result of the research shows that, there is a strong relationship between nursing hours, and total number of deficiencies and quality of care associated with the nursing care. The fewer the staff assistant hours are, higher the deficiency rate is. The residents become more depressed when they have fewer staff or fewer staff hours. It shows that deficiencies are associated with staff hours and number of people handling the nursing house facilities.
I have found this research article much interesting because it gives the simple data methodology to give very strong relationship between nursing home hours and staff members for each home. The study is also important to make new laws and regulations related to nursing homes at state level as well as at national level. There could be some biased result because of the survey as online surveys are not fully reliable source of information.
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