Nursing Interview
Question One
 Tell me About Yourself?
I am a registered nurse privately employed as a home care assistant and working with various health care providers. I graduated in May last year with an associate degree in Science of Nursing. Previously, I had studied a Liberal Arts Education course at Westchester Community College. I also graduated with an associate degree in nutrition and dietetic from Clara Campoamor in Madrid, Spain. As a result, I have provided high-quality nursing care for patients with many different ailments. My work has majorly focused on the diagnosis, prognosis, and rehabilitation of my patients. I have previously worked with Hospital Severo Ochoa in Madrid, Spain as a nutritionist. Simply, my duties were to instruct clients on proper meal preparations and die therapies.
Question Two
Why do you Want to Leave Your Current Job?
Although I have had a good working experience with my previous and my current employers, I have the urge to advance my career to levels that I cannot achieve in this companies. Currently, I have the BIS and ACIss certification and feel that I need to provide my services to the community at a higher level of engagement. In addition, I am soon going to graduate with a bachelor degree in nursing. Due to my experience and academic qualifications, I see this job as an opportunity that will enable me to make maximum use of my skills. Moreover, I will be working on the medical surgical floor where I will have the opportunity to learn from the most skillful nurses. Since the job that I am applying for also involves pediatric care, I will also have the opportunity of practicing what I have learned in school. Therefore, I see this job as an opportunity to gain the necessary experience to advance my career as I seek to pursue further studies in the field. After acquiring significant experience in providing children nursing care, I will undertake a postgraduate course of Masters of Science in Nursing. Importantly, this course will enable me to get the necessary expertise to become a pediatric nurse. In addition, the skills that I will get from the training will enable me to offer better services in the hospital.
Question Three
What are your Strengths (Joyce, 2017)?
I am a hard worker and I have demonstrated that in my previous work positions where I obtained good results. Therefore, I am able to complete my tasks even in the most difficult situations.  In addition, I am a fast learn, which enables me to overcome any weaknesses that I may have in my workplace. Finally, I have good inter-personal skills and I am also flexible in the manner that I carry out my services. The above attributes will enable me to succeed in most of the tasks that I will undertake.
Question Four
What are Your Weaknesses?
My major weakness concerns my ability to speak and write the English language. Since English is my second language, I am not always able to express myself clearly. Similarly, I always have a challenge of understanding some English terms, especially those that are not commonly used. So far, my efforts to learn English have started to bear fruits, and I can know understand the meaning of most of its words. As a result, I have the appropriate English language proficiency to carry out my activities.
Question Five
Explain how you Overcome a Major Obstacle (Fry, 2016)?
I view obstacles as opportunities to put my skills and knowledge to test. Primarily, I consider them as inevitable occurrences in the workplace and things that I should face and overcome. Therefore, I seek to understand the nature of the obstacle by identifying the core issue and its impacts in the workplace, such as the parties affected by it and the most appropriate approaches to overcoming it. For example, understanding and applying the English language in my career was a major obstacle to me. However, I realized that by enrolling in the English classes, and practicing what I have learned in my real life situations would enable me to obtain mastery of the language. Currently, English is not a major obstacle and I can communicate properly in its verbal or written form.
Question Six
Why did you Choose Your College Major?
I chose my major in nursing because it is my passion to serve the community by providing healthcare service. I realize that the society needs help in understanding various health issues and also getting appropriate treatment for its ailments. Therefore, I chose this major to enable me to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to provide these services to my society. On the same note, I regard advancement in my career as an opportunity to enable me to provide better healthcare services to my community.
Question Seven
Why do you Want to Work for Us?
I was able to establish that your organization deals with the pediatric care and I consider it as the best opportunity for me to practice what I have learned in school. In addition, I have been intending to move to California from New York, where I currently reside. Since your organization has an impressive reputation for excellence, I consider it to be an appropriate workplace that will enable me to achieve my career goals. Most importantly, I will be able to gain more experience in my work by providing health care services in a new environment. I consider this new position as an opportunity to learn about the specific needs of the Californian society and expand my knowledge in dealing with a diverse range of people.
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