The aim of my graduation project is to conduct penetration tests on the IMD GPON system to determine exploitable vulnerabilities. We began our project with acquiring client objectives, constraints and desired artefacts, and confirmed these through documentation. We obtained and researched background information on GPON networks and identified inherent vulnerabilities to the GPON system. Following this we investigated specifically the IMD system and we identified possible vulnerabilities stemming from specific implementation.
We have done a project proposal as well as status report.
And we gonna do 5 attacks, after each attack we gonna do a report:
The first report about Nmap, second DDOS and then SQL. I am not sure about the last two.
anyways at this moment I am looking for someone that can understand the work we doing and then can help me with the Nmap report. And then I can do the rest of the reports with the same writer.
Please check the attached files:
Nmap templates
Nmap example
project proposal
status report