Online shopping is a new technology that has been created along with the development of the internet. A lot of people are comfortable with it but sometimes it can lead to many problems like wasting the time, losing money, obesity among others. Online shopping refers to a situation whereby consumers purchase goods and services directly from the internet. They have no need of traveling they just do it using a web browser. It has become popular this days and most people often tend to use it. It includes buying clothes, gadgets, shoes and daily groceries. Everyone does like shopping and of course we find pleasure in it. Hence there comes many demerits associated with it. These are well shown below.
Consequently, it has some demerits such as risk to get obesity. This is due to less traveling as most people transact businesses while still at home. Less energy is used which is very risky as a bit of exercise is needed. As one tends to purchase items through the internet, there is that personal touch and one may purchase defective products which may look appealing in the internet. There is diminished instant satisfaction as when you purchase the products you cannot use them at the spot. You have to wait for a period of about two to three days.
More so one can lose money when he or she purchases from illegalised dealers. This is as difficult as the probability of tracing back your money is not that easy.
Although people tend to prefer it, it is full of hidden costs as it is picture heavy. It ends up on consuming data literally, so those people who may have not subscribed from the unlimited data may end up incurring heavy charges on their online. Mostly they tend to spend more rather than those who prefer to travel.
Also in consideration of the total costs that will be incurred, you end up paying more for the product. This is due to the addition costs such as the paying of custom duty and it all ends up paying even more or the same as you could have bought it from your home area.
As we know business goes hand in hand with bargaining. To our awareness, when we arte transacting online, the prices in most cases tend to be fixed. So you have no any other alternatives rather than paying the amount indicated. This is different from when you are buying the commodity face to face. There is that room for negotiation.
Okay, many people tend to prefer it saying it’s efficient. Yes but for me intend to differ, simply because when meeting in the shopping malls, hanging out with friends is all about to do with fun. But to this online shopping you are just stuck to the screen and it is somehow boring.
In addition, this online shopping is full of terms and conditions which you must abide with them. If you mess up and just click the button without having understood the terms, may end up facing severe suffering. For instance, you agree to the terms that no refunding of goods after sale, then afterwards you realize the goods brought to you are counterfeit. You can never take the goods back and this is just nothing else rather than total waste.
In online shopping there are no sale assistant. L9ike in most shops there are those people who offer some kind of advice before you purchase the products. They argue about with you why you are supposed to prefer this than the other. So in most cases one tends to ignore the best of the commodities and purchase the less good one.
In most cases, the goods ordered online never reach in time, they are full of deceiving messages that they will reach to you at a certain date of which is not the case. If you end up purchasing medicine they may end up reaching you when you are hospitalized.
In consideration with the online shopping, there is a lot of hooliganism going on. Some kind of virtual pickpocketing which makes it for consumers to lose a lot of money. Mostly it end up misusing your credit cards details.
By looking at the amazing and eye tempting pictures displaying the commodities, they tend up to seduce you to join the bad wagon of con men and women in the name of asking where your wallet is.
Apart from the above demerits, many consumers may opt to quit from this shopping since its somehow addictive, one can unsubscribe from all promotional email, block internet access to your favourites sites, delete shopping apps from mobile devices, retrain your brain and henceforth get help from family and friends on how to evade this. However, most consumers are advised to use trusted websites since you have that surety of staying safe. Sites like Amazon and Play are respectable sites.
In case asked to give your personal information, you should make sure that your information do not leak as it travels from your computer to the website that you are using. This uses a security certificate provided by the website to encrypt all the information that goes to and from which you are connected.
In summation, online shopping has brought so many advantages as a result bringing easiness to purchasing of commodities all over the world. Increased interrelationship between different clients all over the world has been established.
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