The culture of an organization directly influences its performance and effectiveness in all its operations. Organization behavior (OB) is simply an analysis of the impact of individuals, groups, and structures on its culture in order to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. The Lego Movie is a fictional animation that shows a society that is unable to deal with a threat to its existence due to its chaotic organization behavior (Robins and Timothy 3). Therefore, an analysis of this movie is essential in enabling an individual to understand the significance of OB in the overall success of any society.
The antagonist in The Lego Movie is Lord Business, who discovers a weapon called the “Kragle.” Vitruvius, a wizard, attempts to stop him but is blinded by Business’ robots. Nonetheless, he manages to inform him that a person called “The Special” will find the “Piece of Resistance,” a stone that can stop Kragle. Emmet Brickowski, the protagonist in the movie, finds the Piece of Resistance, eight years later, in Business’s construction site. When he touches the Piece of Resistance, he passes out and Bad Cop, who is Business’s lieutenant, captures him. Later, Wyldstyle rescues Emmett, who has The Resistance attached on his back and takes him to Vitruvius, who lives in the Old West. It is here that Emmet discovers that Wyldstyle and Vitruvius are “Master Builders” and they oppose Business. He also learns from Wyldstyle of Business’ intention to form his ideal world using Kragle. When Emmet narrates to Wyldstyle and Vitruvius of the vision he had when he first touched The Resistance, they are convinced he has a special talent.
Bad Cop’s forces attempt to capture Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Vitruvius, luckily the three escape after being aided by Batman. The three flee to Cloud Cuckoo Land, where they seek the support of a council of Master Builders. Unfortunately, the Master Builders refuse to support them. Bad Cop continues his pursuit and is lucky to capture everyone except Emmet who manages to escape with a small team of master builders.
Emmet and the small team of Master Builders infiltrate Business’ office tower to disarm Kragle, but they are captured and locked in the Think Tank. Vitruvius tries to retaliate but Business dismembers him and sets the self-destruct protocol to kill everyone. Emmet is determined to destroy the self-destruct system, which he does. As a result, Wyldstyle is inspired by his action and she rallies the Lego people to fight Business. They develop their own weapons and successfully capture Business.
The Lego Movie is effective in demonstrating how a lack of teamwork can make organization fail to succeed in its operations. Although the Master Builders were more skillful and knowledgeable than Business, their disunity made them unable to fight the latter. However, once they united and worked as a team, they were able to flee themselves and capture Business. The leadership role shown by Wyldstyle in rallying the Lego people to fight for their freedom shows the importance of leadership in organizations.
The three levels of organizational behavior in The Lego Movie are shown through the leadership styles of Wyldstyle and Emmett, the mobilization of teams in Lego society, and the overall organization of the Lego people. From an individual analysis level, Emmett is able to inspire the community when he decides to risk his life by destroying the self-destruct system. He also demonstrates leadership when he mobilizes master builders to infiltrate Business’ tower and destroy Kragle. Wyldstyle shows leadership when she mobilizes the Lego people to retaliate and flee themselves. A group level analysis of The Lego Movie reveals that a lack of teamwork can result in organizational failure when the disunity among Master Builders, Emmett, Wyldstyle, and Vitruvius make them unable to defend themselves from Bad Cop. Finally, an organization system analysis shows that a company can only operate efficiently if all teams are united. Once the Lego, people unite under the leadership of Wyldstyle, they are able to fight Business, who had for a long time successfully oppressed them.
Proper organization behavior as demonstrated by Lego is essential for the survival and success of any company. In particular, it enables individuals to work as a team and excel in all their activities. A leader must implement contemporary managerial skills (decision making, planning, controlling), communication, human resource management, and networking to ensure that his/her company has proper organization behavior. In the movies, the Lego people had to unite in order to flee themselves and fight Business.
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