1. Everyone has a significant person that has played a huge role in their life. My absolute best friend is a very significant person in my life and I have known her for a very long time. Because of our proximity, we became friends. If we didn’t live near each other, we probably wouldn’t have been as close. Proximity definitely allows people to hang out and get to know one another better. I also think we are complementary to one another. She’s definitely more outgoing than I am. I would rather stay in and read a book whereas, she likes going on adventures. I think because we’re complementary we were able to remain friends because we never get bored of each other. Another term that explains our relationship is the reward theory of attraction. My best friend is a very optimistic person and so I associate her behavior with rewarding events.
    Another significant relationship in my life is one of my family friends. The first term that explains our relationship is self-disclosure. In order to form a strong bond with someone, you have to open up to that person. Also, he is open with me as well, which allows me to reveal more to him. This demonstrates the disclosure reciprocity effect. Because we’re both open to each other, our friendship has lasted for a very long time. We hung out on various different occasions and I found myself becoming even more close to this person. When people form a strong bond, it’s because they’re fond of each other and that represents mere exposure. The more I saw this person, the more I liked him. Without all of these things, friendship would be very difficult to maintain because I feel there wouldn’t be much to talk about.
  2. Yes, I have experienced feeling ostracized. I’m a part of this organization on campus and most of the people in the organization live near the Brunswick area. Since they all live near each other, they already knew each other from before which made me feel like an outsider. When I first joined the organization my sophomore year, the people weren’t very friendly and they were just glued to their own friends. As a person who didn’t know anyone, I had to make friends which is really difficult when everyone is being exclusive. However, I was able to form my own friend group but at times, I still feel excluded when they have social gatherings. I do think that ostracism is linked to antisocial and criminal behavior. If a person is constantly being excluded, they will begin to feel that they don’t have a place in society. This person may begin to act out as a way of gaining attention. Several of the school shootings on the news are done by students who were rejected by their peers.