Carefully read and answer the following questions. 1a. Outline your understanding of the concepts and definition of diversity in relation to health care Diversity means that health care professional recognise each person as individuals This means that we accept people from diverse background into our healthcare setting and we accept the choices they make in regards to their health and treatments even if we do not agree and we respect those choices. diversity means that health care professionals need an understanding of how social and cultural background can influence health beliefs and practices, including beliefs about dying, death and bereavement. For example, specific populations who can have unique social and cultural backgrounds that shape health responses include: includes gender, veteran status, race, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation and more. Ethnicity, socio economic, political beliefs, gender Nurses understanding patients culture, environment, food, customs, religious viewt etc, they can provide their patients with ultimate care. Emsuring diverse needs are met Recognising that people from differenct baclkgrounds often habe different ways of communicating Undersrtanding that people from different religious often have religiously based convictions about delivery od health care services. For example some religious prohibit blood transfusion or organ donation Respecting the health care choices of others, even if they are not choices you would recommend or select yourself It means undeestanding that each individual is unique, and reconising our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race Equal opportunity Differences in cultural understanding can lead to racism, prejudice and stereotyping. When communicating within your role, you will need to use your skills and knowledge appropriately in order to engage clients and colleagues in a way that shows respect and facilitates a healthy relationship. Showing respect for cultural diversity through communication shows sensitivity and awareness of both the messages we are sending and also receiving, if we do not share a common communication pattern. Valuing diversity means that we acknowledge and respect the culture, religious background and previous experiences of all people, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity or beliefs. Diversity comes in many forms.