In the article, Starbucks has made a decision to start charging customers who take syrup and soy milk with their coffee more for these products. In addition, the chain company has decided to make changes on their Gold cards to exclude any benefits and rewards that were previously available to card holders. Before this change, these card were used by the company to reward customers on a daily basis for supporting the company. Customers are however, not enthusiastic about these changes and as a result, they have even gone as far as creating a petition which has already accumulated almost 2000 signatures asking the company to not implement these changes.
The major problem identified in this case is dissatisfaction of customers as a result of the new changes that the company wants to implement. From a customer’s point of view, these changes seem discriminatory since people who are vegan or lactose intolerant are now being charged more for being who they are. As a result, some customers have vowed to not frequent the company’s chain outlets until the company recalls these change. These customers have gone as far as voicing their dissatisfaction on social media which can easily tarnish the company’s public image and reputation. As a result, the company may lose its popularity which may lead to decreased profits.
The company should not take this problem lightly since they may end up losing their loyal customers. A workable solution that the company can apply to increase customer satisfaction and keep their loyal customers is to carry out a promotion in their chains which would bring back lost customers. This promotion would have to include discounts on soy and syrup products which will in turn increase the sales of these products and in the process bring back these loyal customers who may have decided to boycott the company as a result of the newly introduced changes. Additionally, by doing this, the company will also show their customers that they care about them and their views which will increase their brand loyalty.
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