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Joining Florida Atlantic University (FAU) will be a great achievement in my life. One of the main reasons I want to FAU is that the institution offers a sports management course which I am interested in pursuing. Apart from this, the university’s sports management program is highly rated both on a global and a national level. Worldwide, it is ranked in the tenth position while it falls in the fifth position countrywide. As such, it is in my best interest to become part of the institution due to its good reputation attributed to its rank. I believe FAU offers professionalism which is why it has performed well across the globe and in the country. Therefore, I believe that joining FAU will offer me the best skills and knowledge which I need to have a successful career. Additionally, I am interested in FAU due to its flexibility. The institution offers a wide range of opportunities and this is crucial since learners get to choose what they feel and think is of help. What is more, unlike other schools which either do not offer or offer sports management in the end, FAU offers it starting day 1. This is another major aspect that attracted me to the university since I am guaranteed extensive experience by the time I am through.
My future career plans are centered on one thing; getting into sports management as intense as I can. Sports management has always been my passion. Initially, I never knew something like sports management existed. Nevertheless, since I was young, I never kept on dreaming and wishing that I would spend the rest of my life in sports. When I learned that there is a course in sports management, I was glad since I knew that I would work hard to ensure that I did it. Sports managers can be employed in various sectors that deal with sports and recreation and they do not necessarily have to directly participate in a sport. For instance, they can work as athletic directors, sport firms marketers, and as fitness instructors, among others (Page 1). As such, I believe that undertaking sports management in FAU will enable me to become a professional manager ready for the job market.
Since I am a sports lover, I have been practically involved in playing sports, and specifically, soccer since a young age. I started playing soccer at a tender age with other children in the neighborhood and in school. When I went to high school, I joined the soccer team where I was recognized as the best soccer player as I played a major role in helping my school team to win multiple matches. Apart from soccer, i like basketball and tennis. I also have experience in fitness training. I acted as an aerobics instructor for my family whenever we went for holidays. Even though I was not a professional, my sister largely benefited as I helped her reduce weight.  Nevertheless, in all the sports which I love, I would say that I am not an expert but only possess some level of knowledge and understanding. Therefore, I believe that enrolling in FAU’s sports management program will not only provide me with expert knowledge in these particular sports and others but it will help me to explore the broad field of sports.
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