I would be honored to get admitted in your nursing school as I am deeply passionate about this career. Nursing is a profession which I believe is a calling and I not only look upon with much respect but also it provides me with a sense of fulfillment in life. For more than five years now, I have been working in the social department as a home aid. Working there has given me several skills such as good communication and counselling which are very crucial in nursing.
My desire to help others was inspired by an occurrence in my life. In 1997, while I was still at school, I lost my mother to a stroke which led me to suffer an emotional breakdown for a long period. Prior to her death, she had been ill for some time, and the day to day care for her gave me an overview and insight into neurological requirements and some of the demanding aspects of nursing. The alertness and readiness, precision and care provided to my mother by medics during that difficult time, equipped me with some knowledge and skills and expertise requirements. This experience made me very empathetic to other people in such situations.
My career goal is to become a professional neurological nurse with attention to care and the expertise. Care to the patients and their families will form the core of my career. Neurological nursing is one of the most complex nursing services that can be offered and requires specialization as well as desire. Specializing in the field is my ultimate career goal and more to this, it will provide a sense of fulfillment to me and enable me help reduce the public health burden of stroke.