1. Goldilocks principle of parking. (At least one vacant parking space)
  2. Too high price biz loose customer coz of vacant spaces
  3. Too low price congested traffic, waste fuel, pollution…

Performance Parking

  1. Free curb parking congests the city
  2. Performance pricing for more efficiency (1-2 open parking spaces)
  3. One-two free parking spaces in every block
  4. Reduced congestion on traffic
  5. Improved efficiency of local economy
  6. Prices set based on demand for a particular parking block and adjusted per timely basis


  1. Arrive with more customer (Carpoolers)
  2. Promote faster turn-over
  3. Prices decline during recession and attract more cars
  4. Reduces cruising (makes parking slots more available)

Public Service

  1. Parking money used in public service to make it more popular
  2. Off-street spaces are cheaper

Minimum Parking Policy

  1. Repealed coz it prevents redevelopment
  2. Prevents occupation by new users for old buildings with no parking