Preferred poem: Dover Beach, by Matthew Arnold.
Discussion thread
At first sight, the poem can be assumed to be describing the nature of the beach. The author has used various natural features that are only found in the beach. In addition to the poem’s title, ‘Dover Beach,’ the poem has mentioned words and phrases, such as the sea, the tide, and the French coast, among others. It is only when one is at the coast that they can have a view of the sea, the tides, and the moon which lies fair. Most importantly, the speaker seems to be having a good time at the beach, which is found in England.
Main ideas, symbolism, imagery, and language and how they contribute to the poem’s effectiveness
One of the most visible ideas in the poem is sadness, which has been developed through the use of imagery, symbols, and language to contribute to the poem’s effectiveness. For instance, one may think that the writer is just describing nature as he sees it when he says that the sea is calm but the fact is that the first line of the poem “The Sea is calm tonight” sets the tone of the work and also creates an image. The image created is that of loneliness since when a person is alone, they tend not to have a lot going on in their lives. As such, loneliness is largely associated with sadness and hence the poem has adopted a sad tone. Another theme in the poem is that of human misery. The ebbing and flowing of the sea has been compared to human misery, and this had been brought along by the sadness. As such, it would be appropriate to say that the poem has used the ‘Sea’ to signify human misery and to create images of loneliness through the various incidences that happen in the sea.