Paper Instructions:
This is a policy analysis paper about South Korea’s policy toward North Korea about nuclear crisis issue. I need you to help me complete following questions in 8 pages.

  1. Although the tension in Korean Peninsula remained intense, we cannot say SK policy toward this and pressure from international community are useless. Let’s imagine what will it be if SK has no reaction to nuclear test and other countries ignore it also? (Provide my own hypothesis). Based on this, I will conclude how effective SK’s foreign polices are.
  2. In my perspective, President Kim Dae Jung’s Sunshine policy provides a good model of solving this problem. Building trust between these two countries is the first step.( Enrich this idea more and provide evidence)
  3. SK should keep cooperating with US and China and reach a consensus about how to deal with nuclear crisis to make sure there will not be a dilemma. To make sure with these countries help, the nuclear crisis could be eased effectively. (Enrich this idea more and provide evidence)
  4. Make a conclusion based on the content above, including I’ve written. Don’t forget to read my introduction part at the beginning of the paper!!