The music draws its history from way back when music was rarely playing sounds from electronics sources. It mainly involved songs and dances that were accompanied by a theme (Hesmondhalgh, David and Meier 94-116). Different songs were adopted and performed depending on the type of event. It has been a culture depicting that music has its category depending on the message it intends to pass the word. In today’s times, the type of music changes depending on the event at hand. There is music which symbolizes happiness, tears of joy. Traditional music is played across radios, and television does not necessarily play for entertainment purposes but tends to pass a message to the audience. The message might involve addressing previous happenings or creating awareness among people in the sense that the message is behind sweet tunes hat blow our mind away often.
The music alone has a significant impact on our emotions and feelings towards certain issues. Music allows people especially musicians to pass a message, in support, videos related to the theme of the music are shot to help define the state of any situation as well as the reality its holds in store. With the current rise in the level of technology, music is readily available since it can be watched via mobile phones by just connecting to the internet (Gentry, Christian and Miguel). It is described as food for the souls hence plays a significant role in enhancing body emotions and helps tackle some issues. It is recommended by psychologists as a mode of relaxation by listening to soft music.
Taylor Swift, a famous singer with an American origin, mostly writes her songs based on her relationships / Relationships involve bad break ups, quarrels, and fights. Given that a lot of music in the recent past I adopting the use of visual techniques, some people in such situations help relate with their problems too. Over the years she has released some songs though “Mean” created a significant impact. The song was Published in the year 2011, as a response to one of her big critics who goes by the name BoB Lefsetz (Hostetter, Shauna). The main reason behind the reply was as a result of his unpalatable actions by attacking her during the 52nd Grammy Awards nominations by claiming that her voice was off-key.
In an interview with a popular media house, Taylor went ahead to claim that the song was never about his critique anymore as she had received a positive response from her fans via mail. A number went on to thank her for the song since it helped them overcome social vices such as bullying at school or even rejection due to the skin tone and background. In such a situation, the sing evolved from just being more than entertainment to a song that helped a person cruise through tough times.
Apart from songs based on the love life which involves break ups, songs tend to address and air out grievances related to an individual issue. Objections can be raised to a higher power as the government to address some issues affecting its citizens. Music is in this context is used to pass the message as the mode of communication. In depicting the truth behind music not being meant for entertainment purposes, the song “Tie my hands” performed by American artists Lil Wayne and Robin Thicke plays a great role as a voice for the people. “Tie my hands” involves two musicians as named earlier being opinionative towards current issues. The song tries to address the problems with urban life.It tackles a very, sensitive topic, which is hurricane Katrina, what hit New Orleans Louisiana unexpectedly, which is Lil Wayne’s hometown. It was very effective, a lot of people found it relatable since it is a powerful way to motivate individuals so that they can rise after such a disaster.
The song was written and produced by Robin Thicke after Hurricane Katrina took place. After meeting with Lil Wayne in a studio, he felt connected with the song since it’s about was about his hometown. According to Robin, from his commentary in the website genius, the process of making the song was long but Effective. They ended up performing it at the Grammy Awards.
Describing the audience of the song can take two different approaches. First, it could be considered as motivation. Talking to the people of Louisiana and encouraging them to start the process of the emotional rebuild to overcome this tragedy. Another approach is complaining about the national Government and the Bush administration for not being a helping hand in this disaster (George 17-32). Not to mention the society that tends to be against the African American community, which only adds to the pressure. Both approaches target an audience with a very wide range of criteria such as age, gender, demographics, and ethnicity. Also, the text also focuses on the African Americans who struggled due to this disaster (Marable, Manning, and Kristen). The song also targets an audience that can relate to this tragedy which Mostly includes mature individuals that can feel the responsibility in their roles towards society.
I think that it’s a very powerful song that many can relate. Based on the feedback from fans and prospective listeners this might be the best song that describes the tragedy that New Orleans experienced: especially in criticizing the Government for their lack of responsibility towards the whole drama. Throughout the song, Robin Thicke focuses on the same theme to show emphasis on the tragedy. His exact words in the song are “Tie my hands, what am I gonna be? / What have I done so bad? / What is my destiny?”  Some such rhetoric questions are posed in the song.
The lyrics to the song depict that he is tied and has no power to do anything rather than watching and waiting for the government which was during the Regime of George Bush as president. Robin could as much wish to help the people and stop the hurricane that had been forecasted a long time ago, but due to the negligence of the government, it came to hit New Orleans. The name of the hurricane was named after the then governor of New Orleans hence the name Hurricane Katrina. Bearing in mind that the black community mostly occupied new Orleans, Louisiana, the government responded towards helping the citizens hence the song “Tie my hands.” It aimed at rebuking the then president’s actions of oppressing the African- American community.
The song “ Daughters “ by Nas, an American hip-hop artist, sheds light on how the girl child is supposed to be brought up in the sense that the world is changing on a daily basis. Consequently, this leads to exposure to a lot of harmful materials that end up influencing their lives in a rather negative manner. The song involves lyrics that address the raising up of a daughter and various qualities one has to acquire in his fatherhood. Nas criticizes his parenting skills as he expresses himself how he observed his daughter grow who also happened to be his first born and it proved to be tricky since this was his first time in parenthood. He dedicates the song to fellow men in a situation like his hence the retaliation of the line in the song “To my brothers with daughters” (“Music Video Analysis: “Daughters” By Nas”).In the song, Nas addresses about how he is a skeptic in forgiving his daughter for past transgressions. The talented act goes ahead to referring a situation where he found a letter from his daughter to a man who was behind bars. Besides, she went on to post a photo on social media network –Instagram – of a box of condoms.
Though incorporated with relaxing and catchy beats, some songs carry feelings and emotions that musicians share with the world as a process of healing.  Eminem’s famous song “Mockingbird” has happened to be one of my favorite songs. The story behind the song describes the effort he puts in striving to be a better father and husband to his family. However, things turned around when he started to earn a living by working with a famous producer –Dr. Dre. The bond between his parents broke as they separated with his wife hence made him worried about his daughters regarding their well-being.
The lyrics from his song tells all how he feels about his daughter as he raps “Hailie, I know you miss your mom/And I know you miss your dad when I’m gone/ But I’m trying to give you the life that I never had”,Haillie is Eminem’s biological daughter hence makes him more worried about the fact that she misses her presence who in spite of the recent happenings is trying to provide and offer her life that she will live in peace by having everything she needs. Besides, he is worried about the perception of his daughter towards him as he can see him behave inappropriately on the national television (Lynchelle, Gold).
The song goes ahead to describe Eminem’s status regarding wealth. He was a poor, unemployed American citizen. Finding a job was hard since he had no particular qualifications out of being a high school dropout, engaged in robbery and a chronic drug addict. He was willing to do anything hence bringing about the issue of social conflict. The theme of social conflict comes into the picture his boss oppresses him out of the fact that he is weak. Consequently, this brings about the issue of social inequality in the society where the society has power over the poor using taking advantage of their situations.
The song “Redemption” by the late Bob Marley was such an inspiration bearing in mind it was his last song to release before he succumbed to cancer. The song focused on fighting for the rights of the Africans who according to ancient history were being smuggled from Africa to Jamaica to work without pay. The song went in to condemn the act of violence but then again encouraged the Africans to fight for their rights rather than dying out of being oppressed. Bob Marley prayed hard that the black people would one day find the solution to their problem in spite of being degraded by white people. The song “Redemption “applies to both his fans, musical, political and history scholars. The song is considered pedagogical in the sense that it can be used to educate students of the ancient times. The song addresses times when slavery and colonialism were still active in that the black people used to toil fields for the white man who would later oppress them by denying them wages.
Not only is music considered for entertainment but also a tool that heals over time. As per (Thaut and McIntosh 106-113) the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America deals music therapy helps patients with neurodegenerative disease in various ways. Neurodegenerative type of conditions deal with the loss of neurons in the brain hence affects coordination in the human anatomy. Some patients suffer memory loss hence individual songs are used to revoke and bring back memories that will help the patient gain focus again (Thaut, Michael H., and Gerald C. McIntosh).
In conclusion, people should listen to music not only for the entertainment feature in it but also the benefit of gaining inspiration via the message relayed. The choice of music across various genres should be considered in light of the fact that, soft music is more clear and palatable to the ears as compare to loud and noisy fast music.
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