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ORGL 2050 Module 6 Ass 1 Instructions
Marketing Manager
Preferred Medical Group, Inc.
Phenix City, AL, U. S
Job description
We are seeking a Marketing Manager to become a part of our team! You will promote and grow medical practice with three locations in Phenix City, Opelika and Ft Mitchell.
Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, journalism, preferred but not required; 2 years of marketing services experience may substitute for education

·         Seniority level


·         Employment type


·         Job function

Marketing Sales

·         Industries

Health, Wellness and Fitness, Medical Practice, Hospital & Health Care

  • Analytic thinker
  • Strategic thinker; ability to devise and meet benchmark goals
  • Ability to multi task effectively and meet tight deadlines
  • Adept at using social media
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Superior interpersonal skills
  • Leadership Ability- innate ability to motivate and inspire others
  • Plan and coordinate promotional events
  • Work collaboratively with physicians to implement appropriate healthcare programs


  • Experience in marketing, brand management, journalism, public speaking
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills

Multi-specialty medical practice looking to add Office Administrator for managing day to day operations.
Cover Letter
Physical address:
Phone Number:
18th February, 2019
Human Resource Manager,
Preferred Medical Group, Inc.
Phenix City, AL
Dear Sir/Madam,
Your recent posting of a marketing manager position on caught my attention. I was pleased to see the job opening as it is an area I am not only passionate about, but also highly experienced in that field. Therefore, I am submitting my resume and the relevant documents for the same. I believe that my background in the similar capacity, qualifications, and experience make me an ideal candidate for this job.
I was a sales representative in a company that dealt with manufactured housing before taking a position as an assistant marketing manager in a health insurance firm. In addition to my sales and marketing experience, I am a good public speaker with superb communication skills both in writing and speaking. Also, I have excellent organizational skills and demonstrated ability in leadership. In my most recent job, I have been involved in forming and managing teams to undertake market research to determine competition and market trends. During this time, I have been recognized as dedicated, compassionate, and an effective leader who can inspire and mobilize individuals to achieve the desired outcomes. Besides, I am a creative, analytic, and strategic thinker who can formulate and deliver the targeted objectives. I am also highly capable of multitasking and keeping deadlines, managing conflicts, adept in operating various social media platforms.
I highly believe that my abilities and experience would be useful in promoting growth in your organization. As such, I would like to put my skills, knowledge, experience, and work ethics to work for your organization and would welcome the opportunity of meeting with you to discuss my employment potential. Please feel free to give me a call anytime.
I anticipate to hear from you soon to organize an interview for this position. Thank you for your consideration.
Phone number:
Full name:
Physical address:
A dedicated and experienced sales personnel with proven record and competent skills in marketing seeking a position as a marketing manager in a healthcare company to meet the organization’s growth objectives by meeting its sales target.

  • Highly knowledgeable in multiple marketing techniques necessary to establish new clients
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills essential for attracting new customers and maintaining good relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Demonstrated capabilities in public speaking and brand management
  • A team player with ability to lead and manage teams as well as inspire others
  • Analytical, strategic, and creative thinking capacities
  • Highly capable of multitasking and keep deadlines
  • Possess excellent skills in resolving disputes
  • Skilled in operating various social media platforms
  • Expertise in developing and coordinating healthcare-based marketing plans
  • Proficient computer skills including using Microsoft Office Suite and spreadsheet

Work experience
Assistant marketing manager
Aetna Health Insurance Inc., Atlanta, GA
February 2018- Present

  • Responsible for planning, coordinating and executing marketing strategies to create strong brand presence of the company in the market
  • Worked with the sales team to develop and carry out marketing campaigns which significantly increased the number of customers by 15 percent within the first three months after implementation
  • Organized and managed teams to carry out market research to determine the organizations competitors and market trends
  • Interacted directly with the customers to gain insights about the services being offered by the company
  • Collaborated with physicians in the company to create and implement healthcare programs that met the clients’ needs
  • Oversaw the marketing budget and ensured that more money was effectively used to improve the company’s awareness in the market

Sales representative
Legacy Housing Corporation, Atlanta, GA
January 2017-January 2018

  • Undertaking marketing research to identify new opportunities to help the company increase its sales
  • Widely took part in social media marketing
  • Worked closely with the sales team and collaborated with the sales manager to analyze the market and develop strategies that would help increase the business’ s sales
  • Explained the corporation’s products to clients and utilized social skills to create new associations with customers
  • Collaborated with the sales team to generate plans on how to strengthen relationships with the already existing clients

Diploma in Business Administration
Columbia Southern University, Orange Beach, AL- 2016
Pre-Interview Checklist
A pre-interview checklist enables an individual to prepare and have all the requirements necessary for securing the job.

  1. A comprehensive understanding of the job description

Rereading and analyzing the job posting enables one know what the employer is searching for and what the role entails (Won, Gonzalo, and Cindy 79). The interviewer will have to check out for the experience, education, and skills the employer requires in details. Moreover, the interviewee should keenly study the responsibilities expected for the marketing manager position. If the qualifications are closer to those in the job description, it means that an individual has a better chance to get the job offer.

  1. More information about the company

It is always recommendable to know about the company you want to work for. The interviewers may need to know how well you recognize the company and this might increase your likelihood to get the job. As for this case, one should go to Preferred Medical Group, Inc. Company’s website or social media platforms to check for updates on their current developments, their culture, and positive or negative reviews from the customers, among other things.

  1. Pick the interview outfit

Getting the appropriate outfit for the interview not only creates a good impression but it also conveys professionalism, respect and an understanding of the company’s culture to the interviewer. As for the marketing manager position, a suit may be more appropriate since it is an administrative and formal role.

  1. Mastery of the interview answers

Find answers to questions asked in an interview for a marketing manager position. For instance, an interviewee may be asked to suggest ways to increase brand awareness using social media platforms. One should practice how to answer such questions as it before time as it reduces stress during the interview.

  1. Interviewer questions

Include queries related to what you want to know about the marketing managerial role, the company’s values and culture. One may also want to find out whether there are any prospects for career development. Asking questions to the interviewer is an indication of how you are interested to work with the company (Paulhus, et al. 2045). More so, it shows that the interviewee really needs the role.

  1. Practice interview etiquette

For instance, how to greet the interviewer, not being too serious, and allowing the interviewer to respond before you finish.

  1. Interview location and transportation

Find out where the interview will take place, determine which means of transport will get you there. This enables you to arrive on time for the interview.

  1. Prepare the extra items

Carry a print of the resume and copies of educational certificates. Also, a pen and a notebook are necessary in case a need to write comes up. Put the items in a bag or an envelope.
                                                            Interviewer Questions           

  1. Can you tell me more about the position? What tasks or operations would I be expected to undertake on a daily basis as the marketing manager?
  2. Can you tell me more about the corporation? What are its values? What features do you look for in workers to match with the company’s values?
  3. Has this post been existing or is it a new one? What is the reason behind its creation? How will my performance be measured? Is there anyone I will be replacing?
  4. What characteristics should the ideal candidate for this position have?
  5. Describe how being successful I this position entails. How can it be measured?
  6. How big is the team I will be working with?
  7. Do you have any opportunities for career growth? If so, can you describe them?
  8. What has the firm planned for the future? How does the position align with the company’s long term plans?
  9. Does the company offer any training programs?
  10. What do you like most about being employed at the organization?
  11. When can I anticipate your feedback?

Thank you Letter
Physical address:
Phone Number:
18th February, 2019
Human Resource Manager,
Preferred Medical Group, Inc.
Phenix City, AL
Dear interviewer,
I take this opportunity to express my gratitude for interviewing me for the marketing manager position that you offered at Preferred Medical Group, Inc. It was my pleasure to meet and interact with you and your entire team. It was extremely happy to know more about the position, the entire company, and I also enjoyed touring your office. Most importantly, I was glad to learn that your next marketing manager will promote and develop medical practice in Phenix City, Opelika and Ft Mitchell regions.
As discussed earlier during the interview, I have wide experience in the field of marketing and more so, in a health insurance company. My exposure in this field in addition to my excellent communication skills has enabled me to know how to positively deal with different kinds of customers. As I told you before, I was tasked with devising and implementing marketing campaigns that saw the number of clients rise with 15 percent within a few months in my most recent job as an assistant marketing manager. I have also successfully organized and managed teams to undertake various marketing-related tasks and recognized as an effective leader. My educational background in an administrative course has played a significant role in helping me handle my most recent administrative task.
Please know that I have developed great interest in working with organizations that deal with healthcare services. As such, I am eager to take a full-time marketing managerial position. I am highly inspired by teamwork and collaboration among employees and would appreciate the opportunity to assist Preferred Medical Group promote and expand its medical practice in the three locations.
Kindly let me know if you need more information to assist you in making a decision regarding the job offer. I anticipate that you will contact me soon.
Refusal Letter
18th February, 2019
Human Resource Manager,
Preferred Medical Group, Inc.
Phenix City, AL
Dear interviewer:
Preferred Medical Group, Inc. has been one of the companies offering outstanding healthcare services for the past five years in Alabama. I have been checking the company’s performance for long and I have always wanted to be part of the successful team and positively impact the society. I appreciate that you went ahead and interviewed me after my application. More so, I am really grateful that you considered me for the marketing manager position at Preferred Medical Group, Inc. I strongly believe that the role fits me to be an employee and make my contributions to your company.
Unfortunately, I will not accept the job. I appreciate your efforts to contact me but I have already accepted another offer with a firm whose objectives are a good match with my current career goals. Besides, the organization I have decided to work for offers a better salary Package which suits my wide financial needs. Also, it is located in an area that is more convenient for me. For these reasons, it was not my wish but was left with no choice than to decline your kind offer.
I would like to reiterate how grateful I am for your employment offer and consideration and my regrets that I will not be part of your company for now. However, I strongly believe that you will find a candidate suitable for the vacancy soon and I wish you success in your future endeavors.
Phone Call
Dear recruiter,
I am extremely happy that you considered me for the marketing manager position at Preferred Medical Group, Inc. As such I am calling to schedule an interview with you following your interview invitation for the position.
With regard to your availability and time ranges, I would like to interview with you on Thursday at 1:30 pm. I am aware that the interview will take place in Preferred Medical Group, Inc. office in Phenix City in Alabama. Kindly let me know whether the time I have chosen in okay with you.
Please inform me whether you need more information before our meeting. I am happy to learn more about the opportunities in your company and am looking forward to meet you soon. I have provided my phone number and email address below for you to contact me.
Phone number:
Email address:
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