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Presentational Writing
This presentational writing will be related to business topics and each goal will cover less than half a page.
Familiar Topics and Present Information Using a Series of Simple Sentences
I can write about activities, people, experiences, and events.
I have described the personality as well as the physical appearance of family members and friends.
I have written about workplaces, famous places, schools, and places I have visited.
I have written about vacations, holidays, and celebrations.
I have written about things I have been taught.
I have written about plans I have taken in my life.
I can prepare materials used in a presentation
I have written drafts of presentations used in oral presentations.
I have come up with outlines of presentations and projects.
I have written notes used in presenting speeches.
I can write about topics that are of interest to most people.
I have written about television shows and movies that I have liked.
I have written about celebrities, historical figures, and famous athletes.
I have written explanations about nursery rhymes and proverbs.
I have written simple poems.
I can write guidelines or instructions on how to door to make something
I have written rules followed by people playing certain games.
I have written instructions guiding people on how to make meals
I have written about routines, for example, I have written step by step instructions on how I went for lunch in a cafeteria.
I have written directions on guiding people on how they would get to an online resource and a location.
I can come up with questions guiding people on how to obtain information.
I have posted questions for reflection and discussions.
I have developed surveys and questionnaires used in obtaining information from rare communities.
I can write on a wide variety of familiar topics using connected sentences.
I can write announcements and messages
I have written messages aimed at clarifying and explaining complex issues in society.
I have written about daily routines and familiar events.
I have written autobiographical statements for a person seeking to get a position in studying abroad, for contests, for job applications, and other special programs.
I have written invitations and flyers for events I have planned.
I can write reports for something I have researched on, or something I have been taught.
I have written short articles explaining activities that have happened in different events.
I have written about academic subjects, for instance, geography, art, science, and math.
I have written minutes from attending meetings and debriefs from clubs.
I can write on communications to be distributed to the public
I have created flyers for events that took place in workplaces and schools.
I have written reviews about movies, plays, exhibits, and books. The reviews were used in capturing the attention of potential buyers and also convincing them to buy.
I have posted entries on discussion forums and blogs.
I have composed responses and simple letters and articles used in publications.
I have contributed to work and school publications (Guffey & Loewy, 2014).
I can write on topics related to school, work, and community in an organized way. I can write some simple paragraphs about events and experiences in various time frames.
I can write about academic topics and school.
I have written summaries of topics I have been taught, as well as about things I have learned through observation.
I have written step by step instructions needed in completing a task. For example, I have written manuals used by students in conducting scientific experiments.
I have written notes for students who were either absent from school due to health issues.
I have written contents used in multimedia presentations. I have also written contents for synopsis and handouts.
I can write about career topics and work.
I have written simple summaries on assignments and tasks that people have requested me to do.
I have prepared notes for people who were either new in projects, or for individuals who were absent from work meetings, teams, or projects.
I have come up with drafts of a work plan.
I can write about events and topics on different communities
I have written summaries of the main issues faced by various communities.
I have written instructions that were followed in completing tasks, for example, instructions that foresaw the success of a fundraising event in a community.
I have written summaries of the events, the activities carried out by a community, the culture, and way of life of a community for an individual planning to move to a new community and for people who were away from the community for long (Guffey & Loewy, 2014).
I can write about social events and entertainment.
I have written summaries of interviews and conversation I have held with people.
I have written reviews of movie plots and episodes of television shows.
I have written descriptions of events I have witnessed and participated in (Guffey & Loewy, 2014).
Guffey, M., & Loewy, D. (2014). Business communication: Process and product. New York, NY: South-Western College Pub.