Project Overview
This project provides students with an opportunity to research into life microeconomic aspects of the market for Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services in Australia.
The aim of the project is to give students an opportunity to apply microeconomic concepts and tools acquired in class to a practical context.
Project objectives.
This project covers the following course learning outcomes:
1. Identify appropriate foundational microeconomics theories and techniques to apply in the business environment;
2. Apply the economic method to systematically and rigorously analyse economic phenomena;
3. Analyse microeconomic issues within the frameworks of modern microeconomic models and analytical techniques to explain and predict the outcomes of changes in a variety of economic variables;
4. Identify and assess, in a microeconomic framework, the economic issues confronted by individual decision makers and by society as a whole to guide economic decision making;
5. Analyse and evaluate public policy to determine its economic and societal welfare consequences
You are a Freelance Economics Consultant who has been commissioned by the Commonwealth Government to analyse the state of affairs in the Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services in Australia and report your findings to the Government.
Access the IBIS World report on the industry of Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services in Australia and answer the questions below, in your own words.
To access the IBIS World Report, go to RMIT’s home page. Then select ‘Library’ and launch ‘Databases A-Z’. After this, select the popular database of ‘IBIS World.’ Once in the database, search for ‘Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services in Australia.’
You are encouraged to search for other relevant information on the website including: