Effective communication skills remain among the key qualifications for the criminal justice practitioner. The practitioners are required to have strong interpersonal communication skills because of the constant communication with team members, partners, clients as well as other individuals on a daily basis. The officers deal with different types of people, some of whom are too emotional, drug addicts, murderers among other types of people. Considering the different types of people they deal with, there is need for them to have concrete interpersonal communication skills that include ability to listen attentively, been flexible, empathy and conflict resolution skills (Topcriminaljusticedegrees.org, 2017). In addition, the criminal justice practitioners are required to have strong report writing skills. Reports in criminal justice are used for delivering message for activities or events that already took place. The reports may include court reports, reports for records, and for approval of grants, collaborative plans. For this reason, the officers are required to have strong mastery of oral and written communication skills for purpose of presenting findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
Furthermore, criminal justice officers are required to have strong understanding of variety of verbal and non-verbal cues. In addition, they should understand how to respond to the numerous cues in the most advantageous and effective ways (Doss, 2015). This enables the officers to interact well in both community environment and with the fellow workmates. What is more, strong understanding of diverse verbal and non-verbal cues enables the practitioners to interact easily with people from different races, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds (Doss, 2015). Also , successful criminal justice officers must have strong conflict resolution and interviewing skills.
The above professional communication skills are required in the entire process of program implementation. It is worth noting that the criminal officers will be dealing with people who have been affected by drugs. Most of these people are suffering from impaired communication resulting from lasting abuse of hard drugs. In addition, other people have impaired memories and therefore the need for the criminal justice officers to be patient with the clients. To begin with, criminal justice officers working in the rehabilitation centers will be required to have strong understanding of non-verbal cues. Considering some of the clients will have communication difficulties, these skills will help the officers to understand the clients even when they cannot communicate well.
On the other hand, strong interpersonal skills will be of great importance throughout the process of program implementation. Since the officers will have to convince the public of the need for the rehabilitation, this will require the officers to interact with them. For this reason, the practitioners will be required to have strong interpersonal skills in order to interact with people from different backgrounds in the community while in the quest to get clients for the rehabilitation center. In addition, strong interpersonal skills are required for purpose of interacting with the clients. The clients are from diverse groups and therefore strong interpersonal skills will help the officers to connect well with them. Finally, listening skills are needed throughout the process of program implementation. Drugs have affected most of the clients and therefore the practitioners are required to have strong listening skills. The oratory capacities of the clients are affected and therefore they may not be able to communicate well. For this reason, practitioners will be required to have strong listening skills in order to understand them and give the necessary response.
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