Project Dashboard Analysis
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This project was carried out in four different period, each period had measures and constraints. While designing dashboard for the project it could be a good practice to filter out data on various entities and compare against each other. The best method to this is by use of data analysis tools like pie charts, graphs and line graphs. This gives a visual scenario of what was undertaken in the project based on the use of resources and timelines.
It the role of the project stake holders and managers to preview the dashboard based on the key performance indicators to evaluate the general progress of the project. Among those involved in managing the projects would include; project manager who will be in charge of the whole project. The project manager is responsible for defining all the activities and coming up with the project plan. He/she will be responsible for updating the activities to be undertaken and releasing the earned value reports. He/she will also be responsible for acceptance, approvals and signoffs.
There will also be project team members who will be executing the tasks and producing deliverables as they are in the project plan. After the manager develops the project plan with the team, then he/she will use the plan to monitor performance of the tasks outlined in the plan. The team members will have to be providing daily or weekly reports on the undertakings which will then be updated in the dashboards. Other members include the sponsors and directors who will be overseeing the results of the project on completion.
Analysis of the dashboards
Some of these KPIs would be measuring the Schedule Performance Indicator per period to determine the level at which the project performed well. From the PCI graphs it is a clear indication that at period  two the project did not pick up well same to period 4 but at period 6 and 8 there was a shoot in the performance for activity D.
The above analysis is depicted in the Earned value dashboard indicated in form of bar graph in the excel sheet. In terms of scheduling, from the graphs it is evident that Period 4 was the highest with an improvement from period 2. But towards the end period 8 did not perform well. This could be an assumption that time constraint was not monitored well. The dashboards also have been arranged in a manner that displays comparison among the periods.