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Project Management: Stakeholder Register/Analysis and Evaluation Goals Matrix
All stakeholders play a key role in every project. To increase the probability of making a project a success, it is important to identify all the stakeholders, their roles, and their wants. This identification makes it easy to communicate and maintain a clear flow of activities in every project. Evaluation of the goals of a project is as well important as it guides the goals of efficiency, effectiveness, and impact. The paper below gives the stakeholder register and the evaluation goals matrix of Soccer Stadium to be constructed.
Part 1: The Stakeholder Register

Designation Category Major Role Main expectation Influence Involvement Interest
Construction Manager Internal To finance and oversee the entire project Proper management, financing, and overseeing the entire project. High High High
Architecture External Production of the best feasible design Ensuring that all the details of the design are effectively developed into real structures High High High
Contractor External To ensure the availability of all materials, workforce, and timely programs Completion of project within the set time, budget, and scope High High Low
Mechanical Engineer External Ensuring the mechanical equipment’s are properly fitted in construction machines. Assisting in design and development of the project Timely allocation of resources. Completion of project within the set time High High High
Construction Engineer Internal Implementing the best construction methods and materials in the project Completion of project within the set time, budget, and scope High Medium High
Finance Manager External Ensuring clear management of the finances depending on the material needs Completion of project within the set time, budget, and scope Medium High High
Safety Control Engineer Internal Maintenance of safety of the project, the workers, and the society Drafting effective mechanisms to maintain safety, handle, and reduce hazard materials High High High
Project Consultant Internal Provision of information on the best way to run the activities of every department Ensure that the guidelines provided maintain efficiency and effectiveness in the project High High High
Technological administrator External Providing and implementing the best technology to run the project Completion of project within the set time, budget, and scope High High High
Project Team Lead Internal Overseeing and managing team operations in the project Completion of project within the set time, budget, and scope Medium Medium High
Procurement Manager Internal To procure all the requirements of the project To procure the best but cost-friendly materials. High High High
Project Database Manager Internal Controlling all information stored in databases and updating as progress continues To manage information with great integrity High Medium High

Part 2: Evaluation Goals Matrix

Goal Measure Type Metric Stakeholder
Within the schedule Efficiency $1 billion Project and Construction managers
Within the budget Efficiency 688 days Project manager
Optimal use of resources Efficiency Cheap but of high quality Financial manager
Saving  50% energy Efficiency 50% renewable energy in running operations Construction manager
Training the management Effectiveness Full participation All managers
Training the working team Effectiveness Construction works standards Human Resource Manager
Training on energy saving and resources Effectiveness International strategies of using renewable energy Construction manager
Training on financial management Effectiveness National project financial management standards Financial manager and subordinates
Increased employee performance Impact Post employee training assessment HR Manager
Increased management of funds and time Impact Post management training program Entire management team
Increased saving of available resources Impact Measure of the good use of available resources Construction and database manager
Working within the budget and time. Impact $1 billion within 688 days The contractor, financial manager, and construction manager

Briefly, the stakeholder analysis gives a clear guided of all the stakeholders and the role they play in the project. The evaluation goal matrix identified all the goals and the metrics of achievement. It is important for all the stakeholders to understand all the goals and what is expected of them in the project. The vitality of the two tools is much beyond good.
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