Project Scope Statement

1.0 Project Purpose

The soccer stadium will provide a social arena for the local organization of sports and other social events such as concerts. It will also be the main stadium for the New England Revolution team, it will be used by the club  in the local Major League Soccer.


2.0 Project Scope

Project Scope Includes:
To promote a sporting culture in Boston and the quality of life of residents in this area by ensuring that they have an area where they can exercise and host various social events. The sports stadium will be able to host 2500 fans. It will also have various shopping facilities and employ locals to perform various activities in the facility.
1.     Delivery of a complete stadium and improved infrastructure
2.     Increased revenue for the stadium management
3.     Attraction of high quality sports personnel
4.     Improvement of local infrastructure such as subway and link roads to the stadium
5.     Increased economic activity in the area


3.0 Project milestones

·         Site Preparation
·         Foundation completed
·         Playing field completed
·         Stadium completion
·         Parking and garage completed
·         Site inspection
·         Work area secured
·         Shelter plans approved
·         Bust stop and link roads completed
·         Soccer stadium completed


4.0 User acceptance criteria

The stadium will be constructed to the FIFA and local sports authorities’ guidelines on stadium standards.
The stadium will be built according to its blueprints and construction specifications and will meet applicable local building code guidelines.
The improvement of the supporting road infrastructure such as link roads to the stadium, a new parking bay, and renovation of the subway will be according to the local building code, the transportation code, and the construction specifications.


6.0 Project constraints

The budget for the entire stadium project is $1 billion
The project will be done in 688 days. It will start 4th January 2017 until 22nd Nov 2018.
Recruitment of at least 65% from the local population to meet the town human resource regulations
Outsourcing of at least 40% of the work to local contractors to meet the towns regulations
Use of at least 50% of all energy requirement for the project from renewable sources

*This scope statement is for the project you will be using for the remainder of the class. It can be a real project or a fictional project, but it must be a professional project, not a personal project. If you have any concerns about your chosen project, then please send me an e-mail, and we can discuss your idea.
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