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Institution Affiliation
Proposal on the Oncoming Training Workshop
To: Hassan Leila (Human Resource Manager)
From: Nicole Jenny (Private Equity Analyst Manager)
Date: October 20, 2017
Subject: A proposal to do a training workshop for the private equity analysts
I write this letter to propose that I create the training workshop that for the oncoming graduate trainee recruitment. Among the employees that the company will be recruiting are private equity analysts. I volunteer to train these new workers since I am skilfull in portfolio management.  Furthermore, since I will be their manager, I believe that I am the most suitable in training them on the essential skills needed for their success in this field.
Objectives if the Workshop
The training workshop will run for three weeks. It will start on 6th November 2017 until 24th of the same month. During this period, I will deliver my training programs online so that the employees can work as they learn. Since the recruits have completed undergraduate studies and are certified public accountants (CPA), they have appropriate technical skills for the work. As such, the lessons that I will give them will aim at elaborating on specific areas that will be of interest when working in the company. The following will be the primary objectives of the training:

  1. Due diligence.
  2. Financial modeling.

The training on due diligence will aim at enabling the recruits top to perform basic audit tests on financial records and assessment of materiality. This skill will be essential in helping them to identify the viability of any entity that the company will acquire (Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, Camm, & Cochran, 2015). Furthermore, the information gathered from the due diligence activities will be essential in making the company stop or proceed with any financial transaction.
I will also train recruits in my department on how to perform various financial models. Financial modeling will be important in enabling them to assess the viability of any acquisition made by the company (Brigham & Ehrhardt, 2016). Importantly, I will train them on how to use the MoneyGuidePro software used by the company when performing financial simulations.
Finally, I will teach graduate trainees on how to value various assets and equities. In particular, I will show them the concepts of discounted cash flows and time value for money. This training will be essential in enabling the firm to make prudent investments (Block, Hirt, & Danielsen, 2016). Moreover, this skill will make the recruits to give sound advice to our clients and partners on various investments they may be undertaking.
Mode of Delivery
I will conduct the training program online with the aid of a computer, the internet, and MoneyGuidePro simulation software. Using e-mails, I will share various files on employee’s rights and obligations, duties due diligence, financial modeling, and valuation with the recruits. These documents will give the latter a basic understanding of their primary responsibilities in the company (Brigham & Ehrhardt, 2016). Additionally, they will furnish them with appropriate ways of assessing equities and assets, information on how to conduct due diligence, and how to perform financial simulations.
The internet and various computer programs will provide me with an excellent platform for communicating with the graduate trainees. I will use emails and the Slack program to manage the entire team. The Slack program will enable the employees to share ideas. I will send a review of each employee’s performance via email. Additionally, I will always have a weekly live online conference with these new employees where I will inform them about their progress or any changes in the training program.
Overall, this training workshop will ensure graduate trainees who will be working as private equity analysts get the most benefits from the program. Moreover, this workshop will enhance teamwork in the organization and enable me to learn the character of each member of my department. Finally, it will allow the graduate trainees to integrate into the company’s workforce easily.
Thank you for according me the opportunity to give you my views about the training workshop.
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