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Prosecution Discussion
As the States attorney responsible for charging a group of teenagers for possessing marijuana, which is against the law in my state the first discretionary decision would be conducting a background check on all the teens. Conducting a background check on the teens would help in identifying whether they have any criminal records. If any of the teens had had a criminal record of any other offenses apart from possession of drugs then this could be a ticket for the current crime to be charged as a felony.
Typically, the possession of marijuana is not considered as big as possession of other drugs such as cocaine. Nevertheless when an individual is a second time offender chances are that he or she might incur heavy fines or be sentenced to one year in jail. As such, my second discretion decisions the States attorney would be to explain to the teenagers of the possible penalties if the State law found them guilty of possessing marijuana illegally. Sometimes the judges might impose stiff sentences even on first time offenders and would ensure that the teenagers understand that which would help them in decision making.
Most importantly, would as the owner (s) of the marijuana which was found in possession to come forward. Currently all the teenagers are at risk of being charged as accessories to the crime. An accessory is basically, someone who collaborates or rather, a partner in crime. Therefore, I would enter into an agreement with the teenagers that they should bring forward the name of the real owner of the contraband of marijuana. in exchange I would stop prosecuting those who were just caught in the scenario.