Provision of Cash on Delivery in an E-Commerce Business
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Provision of Cash on Delivery in an E-Commerce Business
Business Model Canvas
Chart 1: Business Model Canvas

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Key Partners
The key partners for the business are Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, HTC, Nokia
The business will get its supplies from Axiom Telecom, Jumbo Distributors, Intelligent Professional Network Solutions LLC.
The main benefit of the partnership is that it will help the business to get credit purchases, it will also have an opportunity of introducing latest products into the United Arab Emirates.
The partners will help the business by branding, marketing, training, and in offering advice.
The business is motivated by the partnership since it provides an opportunity for enhancing its performance, getting products on credit, and also enjoying discounts and offers.
Key Activities
In order for the business to be successful in its activities it requires to have low operating costs to ensure competitive pricing of it products.
It should also have a timely delivery of customer’s orders.
Also, there should be proper inspection of supplies to ensure only quality items are delivered and later resold to customers.
On its distribution channels, the business should have competent drivers to enable timely and safe delivery of items.
Additionally, its drivers should be knowledgeable of United Arab Emirates transport network.
The business should establish that it has good relations with workers by ensuring its customer care officers are friendly and knowledgeable on all company processes.
The customer care officers must also be good in English and Arabic to easily communicate with customers.
The business can also be guaranteed of having consistent revenue streams by using appropriate marketing tactics such as having online, billboard, and social media advertisements.
Value Proposition
The business provides high-quality electronics to customers at low prices. Importantly, it enables customers to shop from the convenience of their homes, which enables them to save their shopping time.
Customer Relationships
The business will provide a friendly work environment where customers can inquire about various products. Additionally, the business will also deliver the ordered items to their premises after the make an order through the company’s e-commerce platform.
The automated e-commerce system is affordable for the business since it has made the company to hire few employees. Importantly, it easily integrates with other programs in the company, which enables the business to have an automated order processing.
Customer Segments
The company is currently targeting the mass market. Currently, most individuals in the United Arab Emirates have access to internet through various means of communication, including the use of phones. Accordingly, the business strategies are aimed at making its e-commerce process simple, fast, and cheap so that it can attract all persons who have access to the internet.
Key Resources
The key resources for the success in the company’s value proposition, distribution channels, revenues, and customer relationships are:
Its physical structures such as warehouses and office space. The company’s human capital is essential in decision making and marketing. The business also needs finances for its daily operations and for the purchase of inventories. Finally, the company’s brand is essential in its success.
The business is using various mediums to reach its target customers including the social media, search engines, and bill boards. It is also selling high-quality items at affordable rates.
One major innovation in the company’s e-commerce is enabling individuals to make payment on delivery to ensure they verift that they are actually paying for what they ordered.
The business will also deliver all its ordered to customers premises, which will enable the buyers to shop from their homers.
The business will also provide various customer care services such as delivering orders and providing guidance to them on various issues affecting the items they have bought from the company.
Cost Structure
The most important cost inherent in the business is inspection by the quality control team. This process ensures that the company has the type of products needed by its customers.
The most expensive resources for the business are the inventories and the business warehouse, offices, and e-commerce platform
The most expensive key activities for the business are warehouse maintenance costs (handling costs), administrative expenses, and transport costs.
Revenue Streams
The business customers’ are willing to make payment to the company for its fast delivery of high-quality items.
The customers’ are also willing to make extra payment for the delivery charges of the electronic products they purchase from the company.
Importantly, the deliveries enable these individuals to shop from the comfort of their home.
Currently, the customers’ payment is cash on delivery. In this case, they make direct payment to the company’s delivery personnel. Alternatively, they can make payment using their MasterCard or VISA card by simply swiping these cards on the point of sale machine carried by our delivery personnel.
The business has only one revenue stream, the sale of consumable electronics. This stream is expected to deliver revenue of $257,500 per annum.

United Arab Emirates: E-Commerce Business Structure
Product Flow
Chart 3: Product Flow Chart