Psychological Disorders

Part 1
The psychological disorder that fascinates me the most is pica. Pica is an uncommon disorder and entails people having a craving to consume nonfood substances such as soap, paint, sponge, wood, and dirt. This behavior is common among small children or people who have development disabilities. The weirdness of a person preferring to eat non-food items to food is the most interesting thing about this psychological disorder.
Bipolar disorder is the psychological disorder that scares me the most. This disorder is characterized by a shifts in moods and energy levels. At one time, a person can have elevated moods, which are referred to as mania, and in other times he/she can have severe depression, which is known as hypomania (Cherry, 2018). During the period when one is manic is characterized by increased irritability, excessive confidence, and distraction, which make a person to engage in activities that can have serious repercussions such as gambling. During the states of depression, a person experience intense feelings of sadness, fatigue, guilt, and is irritability. I am particularly frightened by bipolar since the rapid changes in moods that a person has when he/she has this diseases are very distractive.
“Pica Poem”
My taste buds enjoy glue to fruit jam,
My teeth are adopted to chewing wood instead of stone,
What happened to me, I wonder,

“Bipolar Poem”
At times am too happy, at times am too sad,
Can’t I have an in-between like the rest of the world?
I hope I will learn to tell my brain not to play games with me,
To know that things are not too-good or too bad.
Visual Representation of Pica
The above picture shows a lady with pica since she is eating sponge. Sponge is not edible, and only people with pica like to eat non-food substances
 Visual Representation of Bipolar
            The image above shows a person with bipolar disease. The face on the left shows a lady that is extremely depressed. Her normal look is shown on by center image of haer face, while the facial reprsentation on the right shows a period when she is manic, extremely happy.
Part 2
From my indirect experience, psychotherapy is good for the general public, especially among people who are experiencing various psychological difficulties. In particular, I have been able to observe people who have experience various traumas, such as loss of loved ones, successfully undergoing counselling therapies. Currently, there have been an increase in the need of psychotherapy due to the increase in stressful situations that may be occasioned by terrorist attacks, wars, or national disasters. Psychotherapy can help the society cope with various issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder.
Psychotherapy is important for today’s society. Through psychotherapy, a person is able to understand various issues that can be causing him/her to have social and personal problems. In addition, the talk sessions provided by the therapists give an individual the opportunity to express himself/ herself, which has the ultimate benefit of enabling the person to relieve some of his/her stress and to make his/her social circle to view things from his/her perspective.
Largely, psychotherapy entails a therapist creating a friendly environment and being your friend. However, unlike ordinary friendship, a psychotherapist addresses specific issues that may be ailing an individual using proven medical tactics (Cherry, 2018). In addition, the therapist can recommend the person be given appropriate medication if therapy alone is insufficient, this cannot happen from a friend’s point of view alone.
The main advantage of seeking the friendship of a trained therapist over a friend is that he/she can be able to detect the specific psychological issue that I may be having and approach the situation professionally. Unfortunately, friends may not be able to detect when I am having a psychological problem (Borkesson, 2016). In addition, some friends may have some self-interests. For example, a bartender may find my stressful situation as an opportunity to sell me some alcohol.
Before choosing a therapist I will examine the psychologists experience and skill, and their relevance to my psychological problem. I will also inquire about the quality of his/her services from people he/she has attended in the past. The cognitive behavioral therapy is the one that most appeals to me since it is based on the concept that psychological conditions are related to a person’s thoughts, behaviors, and emotions (Parekh, 2016). Currently, I am dealing with depression. This therapeutic orientation can help me avoid stressful environments and thoughts that make me depressed. Due to my psychological problem, I will selects a cognitive behavioral therapist.
Part 3
Question 1
John is probably not guilty for his action because he did not willingly commit the offense. In addition, he was not in possession of the rifle, he just accidentally found the gun. Since the psychological assessments indicated that he is temporary retarded, the person who had placed the gun at a place he could access should be charged for negligence.
Question 2
Bill is guilty for this offense. Although the assessment shows that Bill is Schizophrenic, the murder indicates that Bill possessed a gun. Bill’s possession of a gun indicates that he is negligent and unaware of means.
Question 3
Pete is responsible for his action. Pete was reckless and negligent for over indulging in alcohol. Since Pete was in possession of a gun at the time of the crime, it shows that he was not careful enough to avoid carrying the rifle when high. There is a high likelihood that he would not have murdered any person had he not been in possession of a gun.


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