This paper is based on research about immigration, ethnicity and racial influence in America. This paper is aiming at solving the problem associated with continuous immigration disputes after identifying the causes of such chaos. The methodology articulated to obtain the data is based on record of past scenario, postulated by Ronald Takaki, “A Different Mirror. A history of multi-cultural American”, (Takaki, 2012).
This research has drawn lot of primary source of data that enabled it to be effective, including, past newspapers saved in media collection library and online, published letters from different sources and a complete wholesome review of existing data. With the identified problem the research was able to come up with results based on repeated immigration cases in the America with statistical and numerical factual data included in the article.
This research will provide valuable information regarding the immigration and the tension created by the same. The information coded in this research paper will have great impact in predicting the expected change in future. These data is includes personal data with various reference materials.
Immigration has become the major vital issue in the American both in their life and in side of public policy, (Mirror, 1993). Due to great emphases in immigration, the country has gained a great preference compared to other media, organizations within the country, and government agencies. There has been recorded many cases involved with over U.S immigration and social policies which is gaining strength day in day out. This has aroused economic and cultural anxiety as well as use of public resources.
Some view the issue with immigration in the country to be advantageous while others have negative opinion on this. Racism has gained roots despites many programs set to avoid these. In generally, the issue of immigration, race and ethnic tension should be effectively handled, this is because if not it can lead to a lot of problems in the country.
In our today’s life in the entire world, multi ethic state is always normal. The issue of globalization has also taken hand in the country which has increased movement of people across the borders so as to access the nation thus giving rise to a great fear that this can lead to killing of state once and for all, thus making the development of the country’s economy to deteriorate. However there has been a lot of myths and misconception across the country of people trying to retrieve their identity with which they share territory.
The country has made different attempts to impose uniculturalism in multi-ethnic regions which obviously comes with great link with minority rights. On the other hand, the minority has reacted to these by forming their own identity to preserve them. In our scenario, we can evidently identify that American is much racial diverse since the beginning at the Virginia. The reality is seemed to become visible and ubiquitous. In the entire America one third is comprised of peoples of the other natives other than Europe; this includes from California. There is issue of minority vast becoming majority. These are dominant in major cities across the country of New York, Atlanta Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles.
The emerging demographic diversity in the country has raised a lot of question concerning the America identity and culture. Moreover the time the whites will become minority our different people identity will become complex and the future of all the people in general. States has t ensure that the minority’s rights are adequately catered for especially essential rights for one to survive. Different organizations ;such as civil, on Governmental and the local government should ensure that the minority rights are taken care of different sector should changed such that it includes all the races both the majority and minority to reduces chances of discrimination .
With a lot of records of immigration, in the country the immigrants have played a number of roles in production of tension in the country. There is also deep ambivalence concerning the future about the immigration. It is also strong support which is based for the continued immigration as an important item for the growth of the county’s economy. The roles that immigrants play in creating tension are as follows. Firstly, immigrants have lot of impact on demographic. There are more than sixty thousand immigrants who have arrived in the country since when the republic was founded back in 1820s. Due to issue of socialization and education has paved way for Americans to acquire a sense of historical continuity from the American founding.
Secondly, the immigration is essential in preserving the traditional image of the country. This is primarily composed of descendants from different parts of Europe. This lead the country forming some restrictions to control the migration in and out of the country, these programs was dedicated in preserving the national origin of the citizens in the country of the American population. The American population record has shown that almost a quarter of it is made of people with African origin.
Third role is that, with big number of immigration in the country there has been a lot of cases of hostility based on racial segregation. This has created a lot of tension that the immigrant may be aiming to harm American or they may not be able to conform to American way of living as the culture prevails, (Schlesinger, 1998). Records of riots based on racial has been recorded across the country with a lot chaos based on catholic churches, of which two of them were burned and several property was burned and destroyed. The main reason for these was identified as because Catholics seemed to comprise of foreign characters. There was a lot of cases of catholic convents been destroyed and priests been attacked by protestant mobs.
Fourth role is that, immigrants have led to racial ideology and anti-Semitism thus becoming the major part of American consciousness. The rising wave of naturism due to fear of foreigner has gained roots in America due to fear of radical foreign. Nevertheless, the immigrants have played a vital role in the transition to an urban industrial economy of the country. The migrants have different talents in and skills especially in fields of production and manufacturing, manual labor, provision of skills and in trading activities, (D’emilio, & Freedman, 1988).
Finally the immigrants have resulted into standard economic theory posits that demotic migration within the country has been the functional responses for the distinct wages recorded in different areas. The migration is very significant in allowing for the workers to benefit from the raised salaries and it has also led to stimulation of the economy, thus making it to operate more efficient. This is achieved by a number labor provided in the country and consumer market.
Ethnicity changes and remains similar over a period of time. By the measures, the records show a great change of American’s puzzlement. This is attained by considering the data provided by the census on separately about race and ethnicity. Census Bureau has been also set to do revision concerning the issue of race and ethnicity in the country, (Bennett, 1986). It is also hoping to match better after carrying out research on how Americans critically think about the issue of race and ethnicity. However there can be others reasons associated with possessing identity with another group of people. Social ethnicity of people and race has been reported to change over time. The largest number of citizens in States changes their race and ethnicity sum up to about 2-3 millions of which are believed to have Hispanic origin and some other race. But in year 2000, the census shown that other non-Hispanic have changed to Hispanic white. In our scenario, of Ronald Takaki, we can see the taxi driver always questioning him just simply because he did not see him as American. It has been predicted that the issue of racial segregation will at some point come to stabilization with the minority protruding to be the majority.
In conclusion, the issue of immigration has brought up a lot of racial problem. There are a lot of roles based on the immigrants in bringing a lot of tension to the country. The immigrants have both benefits and disadvantages to the country. Different measure should be put in place so as to safeguard the nation from continuous ethnic and racial problem. Otherwise the country should be flexible enough by leaving room for the changing culture brought up by immigration.
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