 Racism ha seen an issue in the entire human race. Not only in the united states but also the whole world where a group consider themselves as the superior and claim to have control over the other. This has led to injustices being committed to the respective groups which have been subjected to this act.
 It may seem only a small issue but in one way or the other it so dehumanising. One extends to view themselves as inferior and the self-esteem of the concern people get low. They feel not welcomed in any of the situation in anywhere. Some of them have committed suicide in order to evade this monster at all cost.
 However, there has been attempts to solve this injustices but it has yet bearded long lasting fruits. Tree were various groups that were subjected to racism in the states. The heaviest burden of racism in the country have historically fallen upon native Americans, Asian Americans, African Americans, Latin-Americans, American Jews ,Irish Americans and some other immigrants groups and their descendants. However white Americans are not exempted to discrimination but it was less common.
Native Americans
 They had lived in the North America for over 1500 years, they had an enormously complex impact in the American history and racial relations. There was a long series of conflict which had a primary objective of obtaining resources meant for the Native Americans.
 This resulted to disputes of where each group had to fight for their rights. There was massive killing all over. Other Native Americans decided to free way from United States while others remained. Those that remained were subjected to institutional discrimination a where at job interviews mostly the whites were considered. It was claimed that the Native Americans had come to grab the opportunities meant for the white. In school and those e of higher learning children were discriminated in a harsh way.
Black Americans and racism
 This was the group that were mostly subjected to slavery in great deal. Most of them served as slaves in the cotton and the entire agricultural areas. However in some European as a term of service meant freedom and land grant after the period of slavery but this was rarely awarded.
 It still lead to the whites accumulating huge wealth while the Africans languishing in poverty day in day out. Approximately one southern family had four held slaves prior to war. According to the 1860 U.S. census, there were about 385,000 slave-owners out of approximately 1.5 million white families.
 There has been so many fights even in the time of Abraham Lincoln. From this so many died and it is estimated that 8% of all white males aged 13 to 43 died in the civil war, including 6% in the North and an extraordinary 18% in the South. Despite this, post-emancipation America was not free from racism; discriminatory practices continued in the United States with the existence of Jim Crow laws, educational disparities and widespread criminal acts against people of colour.
Latin Americans and racism
 American from Latin Americans ancestry comes from a wide in the ethnic group. However, they were viewed d as a monolithic an Americans by the pure whites. So many claims that Latinos are often portrayed as passionate, hypersexual, violent, lazy, or macho in literature, films, television and music.
 Some argue that recent increases in illegal Hispanic immigration have spurred anti-Latino sentiment particularly in areas of the United States that have previously seen few Hispanic immigrants. During the times of crises they were no longer offer any help by the policemen and the concerned service men.
West coast racism
 The Pacific and Western states were often portrayed to those on the East Coast as more liberal in terms of race relations in the 1960s and 1970s, but California legally allowed racial segregation of public facilities until the 1950s and other forms of racism were felt there as well.
The Asian Americans
 They included those of East Asian, southern and south Asian descent experienced racism since the first group of Chinese immigrants arrived in America. It was during the 19th century when America was undergoing rapid industrialization that lead to the shortage of labour in railway and mining industries.
 These Chinese immigrants were despised because they took the jobs opportunities for cheaper salaries. During the 1776 declaration of independence did not use the words white at all whereas the 1790, when the congress enacted migration and citizenship the whites were to attain wide usage in the new world political discourse
 During the era of Jim crow segregation and reign of terror that accompanied it so that the blacks might be firmly kept in their place. Also the development of one drop rule which classified the blacks in 1896 and the rapid fears about the miscegenation reveal a white community every bit as possessive about racial purity.
Jewish Americans
 Although the Jews had arrived in America for over 300 years ago, they were restricted to a number of chances such as the permit entry to a number of resort areas and social clubs. College s also practised discrimination bay limiting the admission of the Jew student and also being limited to own certain properties.
 The Islam has been subjected to racism since they have associate to the terrorist attacks in the United States. Some of the in past have been demoted to their ancestral lands following the various attacks in the United States.
 This has led to various effects in the whole society. This includes;
There exists a big gap in wealth accumulation between the blacks and the whites, this due to the discrimination in the owning of property that was there before.
Formal discrimation has been present in the entire sixteen universities the whites are the majority.
Japanese Americans
 Most of their kids were raised in camps of where there was total surveillance in there.