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Recruitment and Staffing Strategy for Amazon Inc.
One of the most challenging activity for any company is hiring and retaining competent staff. Usually, an organization must rigorously examine all candidates to identify their technical skills and personal traits, and select only those who are competent. Amazon’s 2013 mass recruitment of 7000 employees was perhaps the most complicated hiring process for the company since its establishment. While it is essential to employ qualified individuals, one overarching requirement for staffing success is hiring people whose cultures match those of the organization. This paper will focus on the employment of conditions of warehouse supervisors.
Legal Landscape
There are various regulations that Amazon should consider in the recruitment process. Of particular importance is the provision of equal opportunities to all candidates. Currently, the law prevents discrimination of employees based on race, gender, religion, age, national origin, or disability (Dessler, 2016). Therefore, Amazon should focus on the information that will enable it to fairly judge the suitability of each applicant for its warehouse supervisor jobs. Additionally, it should give clear, cogent, and justifiable reasons for declining any person.
Although discrimination based on disability is illegal, an organization has the right to know the health status that is directly relevant to a candidate’s ability to perform a job (Dessler, 2016). Since Amazon’s supervisory position requires an employee to make numerous trips in the warehouse, the company has the right to know if an applicant has any physical disabilities that may prevent him/her them from carrying out his/her tasks. In this regard, Amazon can reject a candidate because of his/her inability to accomplish his/her warehouse supervision job due to a physical disability.
Recruitment Plan
Recruitment Timeline for 100 Warehouse Supervisors

Activity Start Date End Date
Fully Integrated Employee 21st November 2017 End of contract
Integration into Amazon 11th November 2017 20th November 2017
Training 3rd November 2017 10th November 2017
Hiring 27th October 2017 2nd November 2017
Selection 21st October 2017 26th October 2017
Application 15th October 2017 20th October 2017
Advertisement 6th October 2017 14th October 2017

Recruitment is the process of identifying and hiring qualified individuals for a job opening. These candidates can be from within or outside the organization. This process entails an examination of the applicant’s skills, experience, and character, which is followed by hiring and integrating the new employee to the company (Mathis & Jackson, 2010). In the warehouse supervisor position, Amazon will be interested in identifying if the candidates are skillful in inventory management and if they have experience from working in a similar post in the past. Additionally, the company will be concerned about the applicant’s physical ability to make trips across the warehouse and whether they can be trusted with the firm’s inventories. Therefore, a recruitment process is critical in enabling an organization to employ the right individual for the available job opening.
Tools Needed to Find Candidates
            The human resource selection tools refer to a series of steps that are followed when hiring an individual. Typically, these steps start with the preliminary process of screening an applicant to the final vetting stage. The followings steps will be undertaken when recruiting an applicant:

  1. Screening
  2. Telephone interview
  3. Interview with the human resource manager
  4. Background check
  5. Drug testing
  6. Skill assessment

Screening. This step entails a preliminary review of the applicants resume to find if he/she meets the requisite qualifications for the job (Mondy, 2013). Those candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements will be automatically discontinued. Importantly, this step will enable the hiring manager to eliminate incompetent candidates.
Telephone interview. In this step, the hiring manager will inquire if the applicant is still interested in the job. The candidates who are not interested will be eliminated; however, those who still want to continue with the process will be asked basic questions concerning their experience and work history. Depending on their responses, they will be moved to the next step.
Interview with human resource manager. In this step, there is a face-to-face meeting between the candidate and the human resource manager. Therefore, the latter will assess if the applicant has appropriate knowledge, experience, and qualifications to work as a warehouse supervisor. Furthermore, the recruiter has the opportunity of assessing the suitability of the candidate in fitting into the organization’s workplace culture.
Background check. A background check is an in-depth analysis of the job applicant. It entails a thorough investigation of the candidate’s technical and non-technical skills, character, and interpersonal relationships. Usually, the evaluation probes the individual’s history with the aim of identifying his/her character (Rue, Byars, & Ibrahim, 2015). In the warehouse supervisor position, Amazon will only accept persons who do not have any previous criminal records. This requirement will be necessary for ensuring the newly employed warehouse supervisors can oversee all the valuable company’s products without being tempted to steal.
Drug testing. Screening applicants for illegal drugs ensures they will not have problems with substance abuse or workplace safety (Mondy, 2013). Most warehouse supervisors operate sensitive and risky machines, such as cranes; therefore, they must be sober to use these devices safely. Supervisors should also not be involved in drugs since they should be role models to their juniors.
Skills assessment. The analysis of a candidates’ skills is essential for jobs that require specific technical expertise. A warehouse supervisor should have analytical skills to make decisions on how inventories will be transported to and from the warehouse. He/she should also have proper arithmetic skills to calculate the stocks in the warehouse. Finally, the individual should have appropriate leadership skills to influence his/her juniors. In this regard, this tool will be used to verify the competence of all applicants before they are finally accepted.
Selection Plan
Once the interviews have been completed, the recruitment committee will review the performance of each applicant. Noteworthy, the selection tools will be helpful in justifying the recruitment committee’s final decision (Rue, Byars, & Ibrahim, 2015). The committee will also issue documentations explaining their selection decisions. Each document will comply with the legal requirements of non-discrimination of applicants and will justify that the selection of the best candidates for the warehouse supervision role was based on their qualification.
Amazon Inc.
Selection Plan
Warehouse Supervisors
Stores Department                                                                                                                Class A

  1. Summary of position duties: A warehouse supervisor will ensure that all inventories are placed on their required racks. Additionally, he/she will establish that all stocks can be tracked from their time of acquisition till when they were sold.
  2. The plan for notifying individuals: This job-opening will be advertised on the company’s website and popular recruitment websites for eight days starting 6th October 2017 and ending on 14th October 2017.
  3. Proposed screening criteria: All applicants will be carefully evaluated by checking their ability to meet the requisite qualifications for the company. This requirement will include standing for extended hours, working overtime, reporting to work very early and leaving late, and having mathematical skills.
  4. Selection Criteria: The human resource manager will ensure that successful applicants have appropriate analytical, leadership, and technical skills to work as warehouse supervisors. The analytical skills will include knowledge on how to make decisions and how to solve complex disputes in the organization. Warehouse supervisors will also be required to possess arithmetic skills, which are necessary when tracking inventories in the supply chain process.
  5. Interview Panel: The recruitment committee will be composed of the following:
  6. Stacey Adams: Human resource manager, race (White), gender (female), disability (none)
  7. Steve Collins: Assistant HR manager, race (Black), gender (male), disability (none).
  8. Wesley Steven: Member, race (Asian), gender (male), disability (crippled)
  9. Jennifer Potter: Member, race (Australoid), gender (female), disability (none)
  10. Evelyn Smith: Member, race (Native American), gender (female), disability (albino).
  11. Selection Techniques: All successful candidates will be required to have appropriate skills for the job. Additionally, they will have to pass the company’s drug tests. Finally, a background analysis will be conducted to find if they have any criminal record that can result in them not being recruited.

Approved: ——————————————— Date——————————————–
Amazon Inc. Chairman
Staffing entails the selection, appraisal, recruitment, development, and compensation of employees in various positions in an organization. Therefore, this process plays a significant role in the managerial activity of Amazon, such as in planning, controlling, organizing, and directing. Various tools will be used in the selection process, which will include screening, interviewing, drug-testing, and conducting background checks of the applicants. The screening of candidates will enable the organization knows whether these individuals have requisite skills for the work (Mathis & Jackson, 2010). An interview with the human resource will help the company identify persons who have cultures that match those of the organization. A drug test will ensure the company hires supervisors who do not have problems of substance abuse. Finally, background checks will be important in establishing that a recruit for the warehouse is honest, and cannot not steal any of the company’s inventories.
Interview Techniques
There are various types of interview techniques that different organizations use in employees’ recruitment process. In the assessment of the applicants, Amazon Inc. will use telephone, individual, and task-oriented interviews. Telephone interviews will be carried out by an expert who will call and assess an applicant’s willingness to continue with the employment recruitment process. Importantly, he/she will ask the interviewee a few questions concerning warehouse supervision to determine the latter’s expertise in the job opening.
The individual interviews will be face-to-face interactions between the candidates and the human resource officers. This interviews will take about 30 minutes and will enable the company to have an in-depth understanding of the applicant’s character (Mathis & Jackson, 2010). Importantly, the human resource officers will be able to evaluate if the interviewee’s previous telephone responses are similar to what they hear in this interview.
Finally, the task-oriented interview will aim at testing applicant’s analytical and creative skills. Accordingly, interviewee’s will be given an opportunity to supervise the implementation of various complex tasks in one of the company’s warehouse. Therefore, this interview will disclose the candidate’s leadership ability and technical skills.
Job Specific Interview Questions

  1. Have you ever worked as a warehouse supervisor before?
  2. What is the activity that you consider to be most difficult in warehouse management?
  3. How will ensure that no item gets lost in the warehouse?
  4. How will you track any item that accidentally gets misplaced in the warehouse?
  5. In your opinion, how and where should slow moving stocks be kept in the warehouse?

To ensure a successful recruitment process, Amazon Inc. must consider the technical skills of an employee and also his/her ability to integrate into the company’s culture. Therefore, when hiring a warehouse supervisor Amazon Inc. will evaluate the person’s technical skills and experience, conduct a background check, and also evaluate if his/her characters match those of the organization. Such an analysis will result in the hiring of persons who are competent and can also fit into Amazon’s culture. Importantly, the company will offer equal opportunities to all employees and will not unfairly discriminate candidates based on their gender, race, religion, disability, or marital status.
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