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Reducing the Rate and Level of Pollution
A myriad of hazardous situations connected to the environment is evident in the movie deep water horizon. The hazards apparent include polluting of the environment. BP as a company is to blame for environmental pollution evident in the video. About the fact that various hazards create a negative impact on the environment, the need for a training program among the employees to raise awareness has to be addressed. A training program involves taking the employees through various steps to make them aware of the risks imposed by environmental pollution to human beings and living things.
Adopting of training programs in the setting of an organization acts as a motivating factor since employee have the necessary skills towards dealing with certain issues (Lindner, 1998). Consequently, this allows and makes employees respond to different tasks without unnecessary delays. Moreover, a number tend to work under less or no supervision after being acquainted with the necessary skills as far as environmental pollution is concerned. Below is a training program to facilitate the process creating awareness and training employees.
Training program
Step 1. Conducting an evaluation assessing different training needs
There are some requirements required to be fulfilled in a training program. Among them includes an assessment process summed up by various vital processes. Positioning and setting a concise goal that relates to the performance of the business as well as its objectives. Despite the size of the organization, most organizations aim to protect the environment. The movie deep water illustrates some environmental hazards including oil spills from BP to the sea. Oil spills are hazardous in the sense that they kill and destroy marine life. Consequently, this steps includes assessing the resources needed to conduct t the training program efficiently.
Step 2.Keep Adult Learning Principles in Mind
In any given organization the number of adults dominates the number of youngsters. While attending a training program addressing the need to keep and protect the environment, a number factors as far as the age of the adults should be considered. Adult learners have to be discussed in a special way in that they have a set of certain characteristics that should be considered during the process of training:

  • . Adults are in a position to direct themselves.
  • Some adults have relevant experiences and knowledge while coming into the training program. Consequently, this calls for respecting their various experience and opinions as far as dealing with an environmental issues is concerned.
  • Adults are goal-oriented in that they works towards a certain goal by way of adopting a particular strategy
  • Adults need training that is relevant to the problem at hand. Diverting to other issues is seen as irrelevant hence a number end up leaving since they tend to lose interest.
  • Adults are more connected to training programs that involve adopting various tasks. In addressing environmental pollution, adults might be asked to collect litter around. Such tasks help them stay focused and grasp a big chunk of information at a time.
  • The training skills incorporated to fit the process of solving various environmental issues ought to be of benefits to them. Benefits of training programs that address environmental issues go ahead as involving in activities where partners and sponsors fund events. Such exposure leads to their motivating and corporation.

As mentioned above the above two step are vital in coming up with a good training program. Secondly, the issues to be discussed as well as their possible recommendation play a great role in enhancing the effectiveness of the training program. As noted in the film mentioned in this context, oils spills and leakages are one of the initial problems as far as pollution is concerned. In the training program, the workers should be enlightened on the various systems which would solve oil spills in the sea. Oil spills occur as a result of leaky pipes and transport systems. The materials used to construct storage tanks where oils are loaded for the carriage are vulnerable to damage. Over time, this increases the rate of wear and tear of the storage tanks and pipes hence causes accidental spills into the water bodies as indicated in the film.
Some employees relate and recognize the value and benefits related to various training programs at the workforce. If these systems are conducted efficiently, the organization tends to run smoothly with less or no commotions (Aguinis & Kraiger, 2009). Environmental based training not only creates opportunities for the workers but also helps maintains a safe environment at work free from hazards. After the training, the staff should also gain responsibility of their workspace by way of observing several rules and practices as listed below:

  1. Acquiring of durable materials that last a long period to prevent wear and tear
  2. Practice the art of eliminating materials that do not make up the final product by proper dumping or recycling process
  3. Acquiring of various products that have a low or no level of toxic materials min them
  4. Implementing in-process recycling.

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