Paper instructions:
Individual assignment Steps: 1. Find a company 2. Identify the value chain 3. Identify sustainable topics/ aspects/ activities 4. Relate value chain to CE business model(s) (CBM) 5. Apply one or more CBM(s) to business case 6. Formulate recommendations for the transition to a (more) CBM this research is about ADIDAS company. 1-introduction and description about the company 2- description of value chain and related to the circular economy 3-description sustainability activites of products and its life cycle 4- application of one or more CBM to the business 5-conclusion and recommendation to the transition to be have more circular towrds Adidas’s products Notes *Support your arguments with information from various sources and other compititors *Examples should be not older than 2014 *Figures and charts required *All sources of data should be clearly indicated and referenced