Laura Haynes
Prof. Lynch
Due. Oct 31
In Rear Window the film, the relationship theme is the most predominant. The short film is a reflection of the current society that is made up of busy individuals. People are consumed by themselves as they try to impress others. Most individuals are concerned only with their own well-being and normally do not keep their eyes on others. With the thought of having relationships only with people who seem compatible, a person may ignore and fail to see the good qualities of another. As such, this paper will analyze this theme as displayed in the film.
The film channels out a theme of the relationship between individuals by slowly revealing information about a temporarily physically challenged photographer J.B. Jeffries and his neighbors. In our social lives today, people tend to be so shallow when it comes to relationships. Individuals often never stick together after the honeymoon stage. This is usually because of the reality that checks in after getting to know one another better. People expect perfection from their significant others; a trait that is nearly impossible (, 2016).
The film creates a theme of “relationships” as it focuses on partners rather than single people. At the beginning of the story, we get a dejected Jeff who has a broken leg and thus confined to his home. He has a relationship with a gorgeous model whom he thinks is not compatible to his adventurous self. He opts to express his desire to break-up with her to his nurse since he sees that his career as a photographer calls for high adventure which in turn is not a character possessed by his girlfriend. The situation depicts blindness and selfishness in the part of the photographer who thinks he is more adventurous than his girlfriend (McDuffie, 2014).
In his own story, Jeff creates a good relationship with his home care nurse as he can feel free with her.  He could even share his thoughts and get opinions from her. As much as he can notice the good character of the nurse, he fails to do so with his girlfriend. He cannot foresee having a healthy future with her and as such opts to intimate his feelings to her as he wants to look for a more adventurous partner. Similarly, the lovely Miss Torso who is a ballet dancer is observed to be having many suitors. She has plenty of options and just like Jeff; she feels that none of the suitors is good enough for her. She dismisses them all but still juggles between them in order to satisfy her selfish nature.
A further observation during the night is on “Miss Lonelyhearts” who is so consumed with the idea of being in a relationship with someone. She, however, is not successful in love and is noticed to be having some dinner dates with her imaginary partners. The film successfully portrays the real life scenarios where some people are struggling to get out of their current relationships; others are working hard to keep their relationships while other individuals are heavily consumed with the idea of being in a relationship (, 2016).
During one of his usual boring days, as Jeff is seating by the window watching outside, he takes note of a newlywed couple moving in one of the next door apartments. They look happy, and he directly judges that they are in their honeymoon phase. However, with time and the unfolding of things, their peaceful home is converted to a war zone as the marriage deteriorates and only arguments are heard from them. As people get to know each other better, both the good and the bad traits reveal themselves (, 2016).
When Jeff realizes of the incompatibility between him and his girlfriend, he opts to ask her to leave him. However, she was unwilling to live and chose to give him a day to make up his mind. Given the curious nature of Jeff, he creates a scenario which brings out the adventurous nature of his girlfriend. After observing his next door neighbor; a salesman who had a bedridden wife, he comes up with the idea that he might have killed her. This is after noticing some events that suggested the same (McDuffie, 2014).
This observation serves to create a bond between Jeff and Lisa that they come together as a team of investigators with the aim of uncovering the murder. Despite the lack of support from the local detectives, the two work together to get enough evidence that would incriminate the suspect. Lisa who had been thought to be unadventurous becomes so daring that she sneaks into the house of the suspect for the sake of her boyfriend. The true nature of Lisa is revealed as she selflessly risks it to support her partner in uncovering the truth. Finally, the truth about the murder is revealed as the couple is able to corner the suspect into giving the true information of his wife’s whereabouts (, 2016). Given the opportunity that presented itself, the two despite their differences in nature were able to create a great bond between them that made their relationship stronger.
The theme of relationship is the most prominent one in the Rear Window film. Apart from romance that typifies good moments, it incorporates the little arguments, solitude, and despair. As the central aspect of the plot, which is murder illustrates, bitter relationships can lead to grave consequences. All the characters utilized in the film are unified by this central relationship theme.

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