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Getting a reliable essay writing company is one of the most tedious tasks for students seeking essay writing service. While there are some genuine writing companies, most are scams. A student searching for a reliable writing company should be prepared to employ some intellectual skepticism when seeking this service. Although care cannot guarantee that one will not fall into the trap of the fake companies, this approach can help the student to avoid most of them.
Here are some simple ways of identifying scams:

  1. Websites offering very low prices
  2. Websites with unrealistically too many completed orders or writers
  3. Similar looking websites.

Websites offering very low prices
Although every student wants to pay the lowest prices for the highest quality service, it is impossible to get such a deal in reality. Very low prices impliedly mean that the writing company can only hire the cheapest- and often incompetent- writers that are willing to accept low pay. In practice, extremely low prices only result in mediocre standards. Even the cheapest cars always have the lowest performance. Avoid sites that give abnormally high discounts and that have very low prices. Obviously, no competent writer will put so much effort on your work just to earn pennies.
Websites with unrealistically too many completed orders and writers
You definitely don’t want to be just part of a system. In a company that writes more than 1000 pages daily, your four pages of work are just a small share of their total task. Therefore, errors in your papers may go unnoticed. Even in the case where they are noticed, you are just a small part of the system and the company may not strain its resources checking on your issues. Accordingly, always seek the services of a company that has time to treat you like a VIP. At EdenPapers, all our clients are special. We maintain a small team of experts and focus on delivering quality work and not just completing hundreds of papers.
Similar looking websites
Websites that have an almost similar appearance are the greatest scams. Some shrewd companies establish many writing websites that have different landing pages but with an almost identical customer’s dashboard. Their payments platforms are always similar and they have the same customer support personnel. In most cases, these websites are owned and controlled by the same individuals and are designed to simply trick the client that they are dealing with a different organization than the one that initially messed them. Why would a genuine company open many similar websites?
EdenPapers is a genuine essay writing company. We do not take pride in completing so many orders but in providing quality work. With us, you are assured of original content, properly referenced and correctly cited work, properly formatted papers, and timely delivery of work. Our customer care personnel are supportive and will assist in any pressing issue. You can also seek an unlimited number of revisions. Finally, we have up to 100% money-back guarantee for any unsuccessful work.

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