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According to Ernest Boyer and Donald Schön’s scholar-practitioner model, a scholarship is the coverage of practices and principles applied by scholars to the proof validity of their claims and make their work public to be accessed by other people. In connection to Ernest Boyer and Donald Schön’s scholar-practitioner model, research is based on an advanced knowledge of the essential academic activity. Through an integration of knowledge, facts are put together into perspective to bring meaning to interdisciplinary and illuminate data in an open way to pass information and knowledge to the non-specialists. This knowledge is later passed to and applied to solve both academic and other non-academic problems. The knowledge is then transmitted to the learners through teaching.
Academic honesty is achieved by doing the right thing by doing one’s work. One needs to write his work and cites the sources orderly. One needs to believe in the standards and policies within the academic field of studies. When one is academically honest, his work can be relied on since it is believed that the work is correct and original. Academic honesty brings value to one’s degree as most employers seek to employ graduates with high integrity. Academic honesty gives one the peace of mind as on believes in engaging in the legal activities. However, either accidental or intentional violation leads to the same consequences, and there are several ways of avoiding academic violations such as; understanding what cheating and plagiarism entail, one need to do research and study for exams, one should associate with students believed to be of high ethical.