This paper discusses the Rock Solid Industrial Parts Inc. plans to informate its processes. Currently, the company has not digitalized its systems to a level that all essential information is readily accessible to key personnel when needed. This challenge has made it inefficient and unable to maximize all its potential.
Although the digitalization of the company’s processes can enable the company to be more efficient, and in turn more profitable, this process should be done systematically since the company has a lot of old employees who are not tech-savvy. Further, Rock Solid Industrial Parts Inc. should avoid making changes to its core operating platform since most members of the management are not tech-savvy. Instead, the informate platform should complement the already existing systems.
The primary problem with the current platform being used by Rock Solid Industrial Parts Inc. is its inability to issue clear and relevant information when needed. Additionally, some of the company’s officers are unable to update vital information in the company’s system when they are away. In particular, sales officers cannot directly request a customer’s order to be processed. Similarly, employees in the store’s department are unable to readily update their inventories when a sale is made. The lack of timely information further results in challenges in accounting and the establishment of strategies. The Rock Solid Industrial Parts Inc. should use The Galaxy Tab 4 and Samsung S8 smartphone to informate its systems. These gadgets will be able to use the applications, which will complement the company’s current systems.