Daniel Kiss
Ken Nicholas
24 October 2018
Do you like dirt-bikes? Do you like articles about dirt-bikes? Anyone who interested in dirt-biking can gain information by reading the clever also informative article “MX TEST: 2019 KTM 450SX-F”/ DIRTBIKE magazine, October.
Thesis statement: The well-designed and worded article about the new KTM dirt-bike provides a detailed information about the changes and target people who in love ride dirt-bikes.
I found my article in the “DIRTBIKE” magazine which issued this year October. This article written of the cause to provide information about the new KTM dirt bike model 450SX-F. The article audience clearly target people who loves riding dirt-bikes as a hobby or profession. This 5-page long article inform the audience “What’s new and why” and about the changes. The article title in huge latter size and in vivid orange color. On the second page that orange color covers the background of the whole page. Everybody who knows just a little about the KTMs will know this orange color is their trademark and not just their logo, most of their bikes painted orange. Only one model been used in the article and he is showing up in all pages. He’s wearing motorcycle gear and helmet. He is in motion while riding and jumping with the dirt-bike. Those pictures suggest the new KTM is capable for a good ride. The close-up scenes set outside and focusing on the dirty ground and on the rider. These settings suggest fast and adrenalin loaded image. The words and pictures proportion are balanced as half of the pages covered with pictures and the other half with the words. The text placed differently in every page. The second whole pages covered with the writing, the third page text placed on the top, the fourth placed on the bottom and on the last page is on the middle. Most of the writing use regular font size and style which suggests the article has intend to be informative. The text connected with the images almost all the pages as followed the shape of the rider. Some key words been used for example: “Things are different” and in general the writing bring to us a mood for change. They promise for a new, stronger and better ride. The intended audience clearly who enjoys taking a ride on a dirt-bike as a hobby or as in profession. Anybody who are serious and has many years of experience of dirt-biking can fall the pitch. Whose desire to get the newest, lightest dirt-bike in 2018. The article informs about the previous KTM models and what changed with the new model. On the first page we find the introduction and thesis of the writer which explain the KTM success 6 years in a row and how their changes made this possible, and how this new model a very good example. The following readings provides detailed information about the new bike and contrast the previous models. This advertisement written in a manner to gain interests among dirt-bike lovers and give information the way only they can understand. If somebody who is not a fanatic will not understand or just partly the article. The thesis supported in every paragraph as provide those information for the “dramatic changes”.
As we read an article and analyze it with different perspectives I found this article interesting and well-developed what provided detailed but enough information for the targeted audience.
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