During my college studies at St. Cloud State University (SCSU), where I was majoring in business management, I was privileged to be the president of Saudi Club. I was humbled by my colleagues’ trust in my capability as a leader, and I dutifully conducted all my duties as the president. Before I became the president of the club, I had been a member of a student organization called Community Help, where I had been introduced by a friend called Lois. The latter had nurtured important leadership skills that enabled me to offer appropriate guidance and coordination to Saudi Club’s members.
The objective of the club was to enable new Saudi students to easily integrate into the St. Cloud State University community. In addition, it created an avenue where individuals could network, share their experiences, and bond. Accordingly, the activities in each meeting were different depending on its objective. Sometimes we played video games, other times we had lunch, and in some cases we welcomed new members. As the leader, I used to send emails to team members and request them to share their talents during the meeting. On the overall, the meetings were effective in enabling the members to integrate into the school, get new friends, and to share their experiences.
My role as a president for Saudi Club enabled me to develop my leadership skills. In particular, I learned to be patient since I had to wait for replies from different members. I also learned to be empathetic and how to work with diverse individuals. Through organizational skills, I was able to record all my activities and to have a track of the club’s programs. Consequently, I never forgot to invite any member to the club’s meetings. Although ensuring that all members are actively involved in the club’s activities is difficult, I was encouraged by my guiding principle: Leadership is not a position; but rather, it is a privilege to serve others.
The lessons that I learned from my role as the president of Saudi Club will have far reaching impacts on my career and personal development. In my professional development, I will use these skills when networking with potential employers and clients. The patience and empathy that I developed when in the club will enable me to easily interact with other members of the society.