Scenario Script Caption Text: After several productive years, Princess Foods Corporation has amassed enough capital, marketing identity, and operational expertise to make a major push into new product lines and markets. To help manage this growth, Princess Foods Corporation has hired you as a consultant. Princess Foods Corporation has been considering a new offering, a premium, high-quality ice cream that is low in sugar and calories. This new “Tiara” line will be offered to customers in exotic flavors, such as Avocado Sea Salt, Ginger Rosewater, and Rosemary Goat Milk, and will use locally sourced, organic ingredients. Bonnie: Well, I suppose we might as well just throw you into the fire. We’ve been piloting the “Tiara” line for the past 50 weeks. I have a presentation to the board on Tuesday and they’re going to be expecting an update on the pilot. Could you wade through this data and put together a short report for me? I’m glad you’re here. Here’s the raw data. Can you organize this? Assignment Bonnie has an upcoming presentation to the board and would like to include some market research from the pilot period. In the Excel spreadsheet are the profits and losses in thousands for Princess Foods Corporation for 50 weeks. The data reflects the performance of the “Tiara” line during the period of the pilot. Provide Bonnie with the following data in a short report: 1. Determine the number of classes, the class range, and then construct a frequency table. 2. Interpret information from the frequency table. 3. Calculate the most appropriate measure and central tendency and explain why that measure was selected. 4. Determine the percentile indicating the bottom ranking 20%. In other words, what is the dollar number that defines where the lowest values fall.