This article is important as it gives insights on how one can prevent unauthorized persons from accessing personal information when using open wireless networks. The article tells the reader to be more cautious when using the Internet. Even though a site might be S.S.L enabled, this does not mean they a user is fully protected from the Internet ills. As such, the article recommends individuals to use virtual private network software to encrypt data when using public WI-FI networks. To a larger extent, this news article promotes the use of virtual private networks and if this is put into practice, it can reduce the rate of data loss to unknown and unauthorized parties.
You don’t want malware prize
The main importance of this article is that it has looked into the issue of malvertising, which has become problematic in the recent past, especially with the technological advancements. Lucrative adverts often pop up on your mobile gadgets after switching your data on and once you click on them, you automatically download malware into your phone or computer. The adverts often lure users by way of a competition in which a prize will be offered. As such, this article warns the user against paying attention to those adverts. For national security and cyberspace, this article is helpful as it has helped to create more awareness regarding malicious software to the public.
Banks adopt military-style tactics to fight cybercrime
This article is important because it shows how cybercrimes have become a big problem in the society to the extent that banks have now adopted military-style tactics to try and mitigate it. Basically, banks are now employing government intelligence personnel into their security teams since security in financial institutions has become a big fear. The article has shown the severity of cybercrimes by indicating that approximately $445 billion was lost last year by cybercriminals. As such the increasing need for banks to improve their security. This article gives a scope of how cyber-attacks should be taken seriously and is, therefore, important for the national security.
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