As a graphic designer and videographer, I have the creative ability to bring thoughts and ideas to life visually. Whether it is designing a logo, flyer, poster, or  producing a video for a client, I am capable of creating a visual story that will help market a brand or concept.
My passion for sports is the reason I am enrolled in the Masters In Sports Administration program. I enjoy the purity of athletic competition. Ranging from professional sports to pop warner football, I thoroughly enjoy the competition and character building contained within sports.
With most athletes, the goal is reach the highest level of competition. Professional sports generates an extraordinary figure in revenue in the United States and worldwide. With the emergence of digital media and social media, fans are able to watch footage of sporting events on various platforms.
My goal is to help assist amateur athletes reach their dreams of becoming a professional athlete. I plan on achieving this goal by using my graphic design and videograper ability in creating media packages for athletes and placing them in the hands of talent evaluators and scouts. As an example, I want help a high school athlete who may not be a superstar prospect yet, be in position to receive an athletic scholarship due to a well-produced media package.
Websites such as and are dedicated for college sports prospects and rankings. These websites are heavily monitored by collegiate and pro scouts in analyzing which player would be a good fit for their respective teams. The media packages that I intend to create will assist in creating a broader perspective on athletes and help scouts and talent evaluators to deeper analyze a prospect.
In the term paper, I will present setup plans, monetary costs, and the overall benefit of well-produced media packages in addition to proper training that explains the benefits of the operation.
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