Assessment 3
Question 1
A site is basically the working area designated by the client and the contractor. Therefore, this place provides security to the workers as well as the equipment and plants used in the construction work. However, this area needs to be properly demarcated and outlined to prevent trespassing by the public. All this noted, there needs to be a proper and well-documented site establishment plan prior to the beginning of any works. A site establishment plan is a document or a piece of writing that clearly defines the working area as agreed upon by the landowner and the contractor. In this, the plan outlines the various features available at the site and provides valuable insight into the location of the accommodation facilities, the footpaths, the boundaries, the offices among others.
A construction site should be well designed to ensure that neither the environment nor the public is affected by the nature of the work. Furthermore, it should have the necessary requirements, accommodation as well as equipment, to ensure that there is efficient work progress. However, this should be as per the site plans.Finally, the plan should provide an appropriate demolition plan that can be put into effect after completion of the contract
One person who uses the site establishment plan very frequently is the company’s site representative. He/she is responsible for the establishment of a site because he works in conjunction with other departments such as the contracts department etc. to ensure the delivery of site materials and plants. All this is as per the site establishment plan requirements. However, the responsibility of setting out the boundaries and the initial survey is delegated to the site engineer (Turner, 2008). Prior to any works at the site, the site engineer ensures that the boundaries are well established by basically focusing on survey data.
Prior to the drafting of a site establishment plan, a survey is required. The survey is conducted in order to establish the relative distances that the various features are from each other and also provides a good estimate of the areas that the equipment and materials will occupy. The survey method that has been extensively used is a photographic survey (Barhale, 2015). The survey provides useful photographic information on the different parts of the site, therefore, providing a basis for the necessary cut and fill procedures.
Finally, the site establishment plan is used as a precautionary tool towards the public and any third parties that may be affected by the works. What this means is that the site establishment plan provides detailed information of the coverage of the site and as such, any parties likely to be affected by the site’s operation should forward their grievances. Furthermore, the site plan provides an insight into all the materials and structures likely to be affected when the site is established. Some of the structures include cables, pipelines, buildings etc. If the contractor and the client cannot provide considerable protection ton such structures, it is important for a mutual agreement with the owner.
A site establishment plan for project 3 is sketched below.
The site establishment plan
Question 2
Organizational charts are essentially diagrammatic descriptions of an organization. Therefore, they enable a third party to observe the whole organization in a single view. Basically, organizational charts show the relationship between various departments, the CEO to their managing directors, the managing directors to their juniors and so on. However, the chart is found on a hierarchical basis with the superiors indicated to occupy the top parts of the chart. In companies that have a numerous number of employees and/or departments, the organizational chart may be bogus enough to call for the splitting of this chart into smaller ones……………………..
more rigid.
Question 3
Basically, a contract is a mutual agreement between the client and the contractor. However, to ensure that the works are completed in time with no delays, the main contractor may employ a number of subcontractors to help out on some specialized portions (Charms & Bryant, 1984)………………………….
Question 4
In any project, there is the shortest route and the longest route that can be used for the project to be completed successfully. However, some projects may come across unforeseen situations and as such, may lead to delayed project completion time…………………
Question 5
Construction plans need to be reviewed when there is a possibility that a project will not be completed within the stipulated time. The reviewing of the initial plans is basically focused on providing alternative and contingency measures to the problem. …………………………
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