Site Manager’s Action on the Three Items
As the acting site manager of the ongoing Geotechnical and pavement works being undertaken by different teams in our company, I am obliged to respond to the concerns raised by the supervisors in the following order. Firstly, my attention is drawn to the complaint raised by Jen- item 3- which strikes me as most critical among the three. It is not allowable for any worker to commence working with us without getting any induction into our team hence working without any hard-hat or hi-viz or even uniform.  This poses a great risk to not only the safety and health of the worker, but also to the legal operations of the company. In this regard, I instruct that any such worker to be booted off site immediately and they should only be allowed in, after they get the basic induction and don appropriate attire on site.
My second course of action is to address the concern raised by Jimmy on -item 2- whereby the neighbours are complaining about the mud that is left all-over the pavements and their driveways during trenching and cabling works down Bellhouse drive. On this matter, it is important to ensure that we are not in conflict with our neighbours due to our operations hence I recommend that the team leader undertaking that job should get a truck to cart away the excavated soil and find an acceptable dumping site. Also, the supervisor should ensure that all sections of the pavement that are complete, are cleaned properly and left as they were found before the works.
Finally, I will respond to Tom –item 1- who raised concern over unsafe working conditions by the sub-contractors undertaking the site investigations. In this regard, I would like to issue the third and final warning to these sub-contractors that they should adhere to the site rules regarding safety and should I get any further complaint of their non-compliance, then I will be forced to boot them from site instantly. I would like to get some feedback Jen, Jimmy, and Tom after two days as to whether my instructions have been heeded. I also wish you the best moving forward with the projects.