DATE: 11th October 2017.
TO: Stacey Adams, CEO Skin Essentials Ltd.
FROM: Marcus Wesley (Human Resource Manager)
RE: Four-day workweek.
Thank you for requesting me to advise you on whether the company should adopt the four-day workweek or continue with its current five-day program. As requested, some of the organization’s managers and I have evaluated the benefits and weaknesses of each plan. From our analysis, a four-day workweek will be more beneficial to workers and the firm when compared to the current system. The following are its advantages:

  1. Employees will be able to avoid the morning and evening rush hour traffic.
  2. Workers will have a three-day weekend on each week.
  3. The company will complete its goals within a short period.
  4. The organization will be able to attract highly qualified individuals.

The use of a four-day workweek will enable employees to avoid morning and evening rush hours, which usually have traffic jams (Webb). Additionally, they will be able to make considerable savings in their paychecks due to the reduction in the number of days that they report to work (Nevada Small Business .com). More importantly, the three-day weekends will enable them to have more family time, which will lead to them having a better balance between personal and work life.
As for the company, the four-day workweek will make it complete more tasks within a short period. Additionally, the firm will attract highly qualified individuals, who are usually more productive. In fact, some well-known enterprises such as KPMG and Ryan have implemented this work plan, which has enabled them to reduce their staff turnover rate and, in turn, enabled them achieve their goals and objectives (Vozza). One of the main argument against the establishment of this program is that it conflicts with labor unions and state laws. Nonetheless, the firm can request workers to sign an affirmation letter confirming their agreement to the four-day workweek schedule for it to overcome this huddle.
Based on my observation, I recommend the company to establish the four-day workweek plan. This program will enable the organization to achieve most of its objectives within a short period. Additionally, its employees will be more fulfilled since they will have a better balance between work and personal life.
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