1. Choose a federal policy other than PRWORA 1996 designed to strengthen the social safety net through benefits or programs. Using Burt and Nightingale’s (2010) Social Safety Net Policy Framework in the figure below, list the influencing factors, the American societal values, and assumptions, the policy goals, the philosophical premises of social safety net benefits, and the policy mechanisms of your chosen policy.

2. Using the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 policy (the tax policy change under the Trump Administration) that you prepared a one page policy brief on, suggest one recommendation for a policy change that you think will improve the well-being of a selected target population. Identify the population you intend to help (examples: all US citizens, undocumented persons, persons in poverty, single parents). Justify your recommendation by briefly outlining SPECIFICALLY how well-being will improve for that group. Give one metric for how you would measure the success of your recommendation.
3. Identify what you think is the number 1 problem with the social service safety net delivery system. Briefly describe the problem and how it affects citizens and social work professionals. Identify one specific strategy that you think would help to solve this problem with “the system.” Using Burt and Nightingale’s (2010) discussion on the three key components of system level change identify whether your solution helps to better address collaboration, coordination or communication. How will you track whether your solution made the system more effective or efficient for clients and/or workers?
4. In the reading and lecture for class, Schneider, Milat & Moore (2016) identified four micro/behavioral barriers to policy evaluation including skills/ability of staff, confidence of staff, trust, and career priorities/motivation. Choose one of these barriers that you believe you might have that would inhibit your participation in policy evaluation. Outline a specific strategy you can engage in to decrease this barrier.

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