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Issues raised in the video
One of the issues visible in the video is why it is so difficult for women to leave abusive relationships. As Kim Mosher narrates, it is hard for ladies to leave violent relationships since their partners have control over almost every aspect of their lives including mind, body, finances, and even children (YouTube). For instance, men can prevent their wives from working, making them financially dependent and hence difficult to survive whenever they break up as a result of domestic abuse. The video also gives an account of what role law enforcement plays to mitigate domestic violence. Police officers enforce Duluth which introduced mandatory arrest for the abusers. One of the speakers in the documentary says that the act of just arresting the battlers reduces the chances that they will violate their partners again (YouTube). The film also explores the issue of the role of the health care system in mitigating domestic violence. Victims can access affordable therapy where they receive mental and emotional support.
Resources available
Domestic abuse victims can seek help from multiple programs, service providers, and organizations. In Sam Antonio Texas, one resource that is available for individuals who encounter domestic violence is Family Violence Prevention Services (FVPS). FVPS has been helping domestic violence victims in San Antonio since 1977. FVPS started as a crisis cover for ladies and youngsters and now offers a total exhibit of asylum, transitional lodging, directing, children’s, and legitimate administrations to help individuals and families recoup from the agony and long haul impacts of abusive behavior at home (The Alamo Area Council of Governments 1). The other resource is the Bexar County Family Justice Center (BCFJC) which exists to help victims of abusive relationships in their transition from survivors to thrivers. The Foundation partakes in this mission and exists to help the structure and motivation behind the BCFJC by filling in as its money related operator, supporting for its arrangement of administrations, and helping its associations to flourish.
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