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Spree Cruise Lines

  1. Key audiences for the communication surrounding this incident.

The primary audiences of the communication surrounding the Spree Cruise Line are Tara, the city attorney, and passengers. Tara is a significant audience since she is the one who will relay information about the ship’s failure to the other management. As the manager of corporate communication, she will also be responsible for communicating about the ship’s trip to the rest of the public and other important stakeholders. The city attorney is an essential audience since he/she represents the interest of the government. Therefore, he/she would like to be assured that all the passengers are safe and that the Sensation would be responsible for damages it made in the city. Finally, passengers are essential stakeholders since the captain has to be accountable to them by assuring them of their safe trip. The secondary audiences linked to the audiences are the relatives of the passengers and shareholders. The former are interested in the safety of members of their family, the latter, on the other hand, are interested in knowing the status of their ship and their customers.

  1. Message to be sent to each key audience

The Sensation will inform Tara about the status of the ship. In this case, captain Galati will explain the cause of the delay (the damage to the propulsion unit in the left engine). Galati will further inform her on the expected arrival time of the ship and any eventualities that may occur during the journey. The company will communicate with the city’s attorney and tell him/her of its knowledge about the damage allegations he/she has accused the Spree Cruise Lines of causing. It will also inform him/her of its scheduled investigation of the incident. Spree Cruise Lines will apologize to the passengers for the damage. It will tell them of the subsequent delay in their arrival time. It will also inform them that the Sensation will have to skip its trip through Cancun, and the arrival at Cozumel would be delayed; instead of arriving at 9:30 am on Tuesday, they will arrive at 4:00 p.m. Finally, it will assure them of their safety.

  1. Information that is known to the audience and what they need or want to know.

It is apparent that all the audience know that the ship has a mechanical problem; however, they are unaware of its exact mechanical failure. Therefore, passengers need to be informed the specific damage that occurred on the cruise ship, which is a failure of the propulsion unit in the left engine. Further, they should be told that despite this damage, the ship will arrive in New Orleans safely; however, they will be late, and some of their traveling plans will be affected.
The attorney, on the other hand, would need to know that the passengers who were in the Sensation ship are safe. He/she would also need to know that Spree Cruise Lines is aware of the possible damages caused by their ship and that the company will investigate the matter and solve the problem with the government. The relatives of the passengers and crew in the Sensation would also like to be assured about the safety of their friends and family members and be informed when they will arrive in New Orleans. Similarly, Tara would like to know about the safety of the passengers, their possible arrival time to New Orleans, and the damages on the ship. She would relay this information to other interested parties.

  1. Feelings of the audience

Naturally, most individuals would be worried and afraid once they realize that the ship has a serious damage since they would not know about their safety. Therefore, the assurance that they would safely arrive at New Orleans, although late than they had planned, will make them confident, which would, in turn, make them relax and enjoy the trip.

  1. How to motivate the audience

To assure the audience of their safety, I would allow the ship’s chief engineer and the captain to communicate with passengers and the public about the situations. Since these individuals are experienced in their field, they would be able to convince the passengers and the general public that everything is under control and that the former and the ship’s crew are safe.
3 Communication Strategy

  1. Key objective of this communication

My primary goals in the communication will be ensuring that all the passengers feel secure and confident about their arrival. Additionally, I will want to establish that the communication is orderly so that the organization can be able to communicate with the public and other stakeholders about what is happening on the ship. At a corporate level, the communication will aim at enabling Spree Cruise Lines to appear as a responsible company that is concerned about its customers and stakeholders.

  1. Spokesperson to deliver the message.

To ensure there is proper communication of the information to the general public, Tara Hoopes would be the best person to speak to the public and other stakeholders. Since she is the manager of corporate communication, she has detailed information about all the events in the ship and the possible arrival time of the passengers. If Hoopes is not available to communicate with the public, her assistance or the company CEO can take over. In the ship, the captain, Galati, or the chief engineer, Ferguson, can communicate with the passengers and the crew since they are the ones who are informed about the damages and their effects on the trip.

  1. Best channel, or medium to use when communicating to the audiences.

When communicating with the passengers, Galati or Ferguson should use oral communication by making announcements through the ship’s public address. At the same time, they should send emails and text messages to all passengers in the ship explaining the damage that has occurred and its impact on their trip. Galati or Ferguson should also make a phone call to Tara and inform her about the damages in the ship and their effects on the travel. They should then send an email to their head office explaining these events. Finally, Tara should communicate with the public by making a public address that can be transmitted through radio and television to its stakeholders. Additionally, the company should communicate this issue on its website.

  1. Time to communicate the information

Importantly, this information should be communicated to all stakeholders as soon as the Galati, Ferguson, and Tara have identified the problem and agreed on the solution. This means of communication will enable the passengers to realize that their concerns are being addressed. Further, the public will stop panicking and be assured that the damages on the ship will not lead to a catastrophe.

  1. Cultural and contextual considerations to be observed

In the communication process, cultural and contextual factors should be observed so that all passengers and other stakeholders can understand what is happening. In this case, the communicant should avoid technical terms that may be too difficult for ordinary people to understand what is happening; instead, he/she should be clear in his communication.

  1. Assessment of the communication

To identify whether the communication has been successful, I will check on the customer’s feedback. I will also read the public’s comments and reactions in social media after my explanations. Finally, I will ask the crew and passengers whether they have understood what I have said.
Table 1
Communication Strategy for Analysis for a Damage of a Cruise Ship

Target Audience Medium Purpose Message Communicator Timing
Passengers Public address, messages (SMS), email Assure the passengers they will arrive safely in New Orleans.
Inform them of changes in travel plans due to the damage.
A vital move aimed at ensuring customers are confident about their trip and the company’s commitment to ensuring they are safe. Ship’s captain, Galati assisted by Scotty Ferguson (Chief Engineer) Immediately after the damage is detected.
Government/ Attorney E-mail Inform the government that Spree Cruise Lines have received complaints about the damaged buildings and that it will investigate the matter. A strategic move designed to enhance the company’s image as a responsible institution that is concerned about the public. Tara Immediately the Spree Cruise Lines receives information about the damages.
Relatives/ Friends of Passengers Live public address broadcast via television and radio.
Publish the information on the company’s website.
Inform them that their relatives are safe.
Inform them about the changes in the ship’s arrival times.
A critical move aimed at minimizing the spread of fear, which may damage the company’s reputation as a responsible organization. Tara Immediately she is informed about the ship’s damage by Galati and Fergusson
Shareholders Live public address broadcast via television and radio.
Publish the information on the company’s website.
Inform them that their customers are safe and will arrive at their destinations, although later than planned.
Inform the shareholders that the damage is repairable.
A strategic move designed to assure shareholders that the company will not incur massive losses due to the ship’s damaged reputation. Further, this step will build their confidence in the company’s management. CEO Immediately the information about the ship’s damage is disclosed to the public.