Strategic message planning is an important aspect of every organization since it enables it to create marketing advertisements that are able to clearly state the intended message to the target client (Aeker 56-58). In this case, a business is able to know how to express its message in a manner that is easily and clearly understandable by its target market. Consequently, the organization is able to achieve its advertisement goals.
Under Armour: I Will What I Want
Advert Overview
The Under Armour advert, I Will What I Want, illustrates the human ability to overcome all difficult circumstances in their environment if they focus. In this advert, Under Armour uses Misty Copeland, to showcase her dancing skills while an audio recording of her life as a ballet dancer is being narrated. The audio recording tells of the many reasons why she would not succeed in ballet dancing. In particular, she had joined the sport at an advanced age of 13 and her body shape was not of the recommended type for a ballet dancer (Under Armour). Moreover, a significant number of those who had the desired body type for ballet dancing still became disqualified in later stages. Nonetheless, Copeland joined the sport and became a leading global ballet dancer. This advert is used by Under Armour to illustrate that the company is associated with strong, positive, and resilient women. Noteworthy, Under Armour has been using this advert for it women brand. The positivity and endurance shown by Copeland enabled Under Armour to pass its message to its target market.
Advertising Goal
The main advertising goal of Under Armour is to attract modern women, especially those who believe in feminism and strong women personality to buy its products. The use of a woman who has endured all odds, like Misty Copeland enables the company to attract most women to purchase its products since the company is associated with excellence and a strong value for women.
Client-Key Facts

  • The target client for the Under Armour are the young and youthful modern women who love sports. The use of Misty Copeland in the advert, who is portrayed as a fairly young person based on her ease of movements shows that the company targets youthful ladies.
  • The target clients are women who are conscious about fashion and changes in clothing trends. In particular, Under Armour presents itself as a company that focuses on fashionable sports clothes. In fact, this advert is for the Under Armour Women brand.

Product Key Facts

  • The Under Armour Women clothes are sold as luxury sports apparel. Consequently, the company sells high quality and expensive products.
  • Under Armour Company is popular in the manufacture of high-quality fashionable sports products. This advert was used to pioneer the company’s line of women clothes. Therefore, this advert aimed at creating a brand that associates with strong and industrious women who aim at succeeding in everything that they do.

Target Audience

  • Under Armour target market is high-income persons who love sports. Since this advert is aimed at women, its target client was high income-earning women. The use of ballet dancing in the advert enables the company to portray itself as conscious on buyers that it targets. Ballet dancing is a common sport for high-income communities. Therefore, this advert enables Under Armour to easily reach out to its target customers.
  • Under Armour also targets young women who are conscious about fashion, sports, and trends. The company is known for manufacturing high quality and fashionable clothing.

Product Benefits

  • This advert is important in encouraging people to persevere through any challenge that they may be undergoing. Misty Copeland story illustrates how a person can overcome all odds and succeed in anything that they do.
  • Equally important, Under Armour women clothes enable women that are conscious about fashion and sports to access the most recent designs in women clothes.

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